Spoilers: Cruel Leyla destroys Jai's life in shocking action in Emmerdale?

Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) recently made a desperate decision to source the phone number of Jai Sharma’s (Chris Bisson) former drug dealer in Emmerdale.

She met up with Jason (Parry Glasspool) at the side of a country road, and certainly gets a shock when he ends up in the village in upcoming episodes.

When Jason offers Leyla some cocaine, she’s tempted and ends up accepting.

At the Hide, Leyla is high, and Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) soon realises what’s going on.

For Suzy, who used to deal drugs to Leyla and is now trying to change her life for the better, she isn’t happy with her friend and confronts her.

Later on, as Jai returns Leyla’s lost card, Jason senses an opportunity to get Jai back into his books.

Blackmailing Leyla, Jason delivers an ultimatum – persuade Jai to start taking drugs again or he’ll refuse to give her anymore cocaine.

It’s very clear Jai doesn’t want to even contemplate using drugs again, but where does that leave Leyla?

Will Leyla destroy his life just to ensure she doesn’t lose her cocaine source?

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