Sister Wives' Meri Brown cries ‘nobody is fighting for our family’ as Kody’s Covid rules keeps them apart

SISTER Wives star Meri Brown cried "nobody is fighting for our family" as her husband Kody’s strict Covid rules have kept the family and his three other wives apart.

In a teaser clip released for an episode airing tonight, Meri was shown breaking down into tears in front of Kody's fourth wife, Robyn.

In the clip, Meri, 50, was sitting outdoors in camper chairs with Robyn, 43.

Meri told her, "Everybody is ready to do their own thing for the holidays," and then breaking into tears continued, "This isn't the family that I signed up for."

Robyn confessed: "I'm worried about kids that aren't seeing their dad. I'm worried about the wives that aren't seeing Kody."

Meri cried: "Nobody is fighting for our family right now."

However, fans took straight to the comments in the franchise's Twitter thread to sound off.

One wrote: "Oh, boo hoo, Christine and Janelle chose their kids, love and happiness over Robyn and Kody's depressing, glare filled and hate filled dinner. I don't blame them."

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A second posted: "I call BS, Robyn is the only person in the world with perfect obedient children. She re-writes history to fit the narrative."

Yet a third agreed: "I call BS on Robyn and her self inflicted tears."


In a teaser trailer released earlier today, Robyn ripped wives Christine and Janelle for spending holidays with their kids in Utah instead of with her and their husband Kody.

She sat down with their kids to explain why the family won't be together this year because of the "strict family Covid rules."

Kody's fourth wife, said she was "frustrated, sad and hurt" Christine, 49, and Janelle, 52, had plans to spend Thanksgiving away from the family and with their children in Utah instead.

She sat down with her five kids to tell them Christine and Janelle were traveling for the holidays.

Because they were breaking the family's "strict Covid rules," they couldn't be together for Thanksgiving.

Robyn said: "Christine and Janelle's households… they're not able to follow those rules."

Robyn's daughter, Aurora, responded: "They're not able to, or they're choosing not to?"

The mom-of-five said: "I don't know what's really going on. I know that Gabe has a girlfriend and a social life that her kids are going to travel with her to Utah and go have Thanksgiving at her sister's house."

Aurora said, "Janelle is?" and then after hesitating said, "Okay, then."

In a confessional, Robyn said: "I'm just worried about how it's going to make [my kids] feel, if it's going to make them not want to be around the family because they don't want to be around us."

Back talking to her kids, Robyn said: "Christine has decided to go back to Utah and have Thanksgiving there."

Aurora spoke again and said: "They're the ones who are constantly pushing for the family to get together, and then we finally have common ground on what we need to do and they kinda just went 'screw it?'"

Again in her confessional, Robyn spoke: "I wanted to say, 'No, that's not true,' butt there is truth to what Aurora is saying. I'm not going to lie to her."

Robyn responded to Aurora: "I think Christine wants to get together, I think she just decided that she would rather go to Utah."

In the confessional, Robyn said: "Yeah, that's very natural for a mom to want to go see her kids that have moved out. You can't really do that in a plural family.

"Where is Kody supposed to go? Janelle wants to go to this kid's house, Christine wants to go to this kid's house, Meri wants to go to Mariah's house, even once my kids are grown and out of the house, it's going to be the same thing."

Robyn concluded: "As a plural family, you have to do things differently."


Fans responded to the preview, as one fan wrote: "Robyn is so misleading what is really going on. Plus the kids acted like they didn't know about the Kody list thing."

Another said: "All she had to tell the kids was that Christine and Janelle couldn't make it for Thanksgiving, but they'd all be together for Christmas. Didn't need to be dramatic at all."

A third said: "Robyn trying to divide the family even more."

Yet a fourth fan posted: "So, good job turning your kids against the rest of the family!!!"

Meanwhile, a fifth fan wondered: "They haven't been together in nine months, why the drama now?"


Janelle's son Garrison bought a $329K Arizona home featuring a courtyard and a fireplace amid his feud with his father, Kody.

Since Garrison and Janelle's massive feud with Kody over their family Covid rules, The Sun previously reported Garrison, 23, took out a $336K loan to purchase his new Arizona home.

He agreed to have his debt paid back to the lender in full by January of 2052.

Garrison's new home in Flagstaff is a twenty-minute drive away from his father Kody's $890K home.

The two-story four bedroom and two bathroom home is modestly spacious and includes some natural light.

His 1,441 square foot space has new wood flooring and includes a fireplace on the ground floor.

Garrison's new property has a small fenced-in courtyard and backyard.


Previously during Janelle's and Kody's massive argument, Janelle told Kody their son was trying to save up for a new home but didn't have enough to move out yet.

Over Thanksgiving, Kody threatened to evict his sons Gabriel and Garrison from their home.

Kody suggested if the boys wanted to have social lives during the pandemic, they should move out.

The Sister Wives star said: "I'm making all the sacrifices and I'm asking everybody else to simply meet that level of sacrifice so that the family can exist."

He told Janelle that she should be alone on Thanksgiving because her sons have been seeing too many people over the holidays and would put everyone else's health in jeopardy.

Kody told her to "respect" the "big picture" regarding his rules, but she said she didn't want to be alone and declared, "You know, f**k off," before storming off.

Kody hit back, saying Garrison needed to figure out his problems on his own.

In his confessional, the TLC star said: "I tolerated a lot for a very long time until I realized that I was being lied to or deceived.

"And at that point, I sort of lost my patience with it, I'm like, you just need to make the boys move out.

"I'm on the verge of washing my hands of it. I'm gonna have Gabriel and Garrison move out of the house. You've got a good car, you go get a job, here's some cash. Bye."

Janelle hit back in her own confessional: "This is a different day and age. You don't just kick your kids out of the house at 18 and say, hope you do good I'm done. I'm tired."

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