'Sex and the City': Samantha Jones' 3 Best Hookups

Samantha Jones does not appear in And Just Like That…, the Sex and the City reboot. While that fact is making some fans incredibly sad, Samantha’s sexual conquests will live on forever on streaming platforms. Samantha slept with the most men during the show’s six-season run, but some partners were far better than others. We think these three love interests were her absolute best. 

Samantha Jones’ season 6 boyfriend, Smith Jerrod, is a fan favorite 

Of all the men Samantha Jones dated, Smith Jerrod remains the best boyfriend she ever had. Smith appeared in season 6 as a waiter named Jerry. Samantha, instantly attracted, had a long and less-than-appealing meal at a restaurant that served only raw foods, simply to get the chance to take the waiter home with her. She succeeded, although Smith revealed she didn’t need to sit through the terrible meal to make it happen.

Samantha may have intended for Smith to be another one-night stand, but he had staying power. She helped Smith launch an entire acting career, and he taught Samantha how to be in a real, honest relationship. Sex and the City fans were thrilled to see the duo still together in Sex and the City: The Movie. They were happy to see the pair maintain a friendship after their breakup, too. 

Samantha briefly connected with Jeff Fenton, and ‘Sex and the City’ fans still like the pairing 

In season 3, Samantha briefly dated a man named Jeff Fenton. The successful businessman was intriguing to Samantha until she realized he was shorter than her. His stature was a point of contention for Samantha and ultimately ended the relationship. However, fans still love the character’s self-confidence and how willing he was to call Samantha on her nonsense. 

The actor who played Jeff, Anthony Alessandro, is 5’4. Kim Cattrall, the actor who played Samantha Jones, is 5’7. While the difference isn’t huge, it was noticeable when Samantha wore heels. Jeff didn’t last long on the series, but he certainly was a good fit for Samantha, personality-wise. 

Mr. Cocky and Samantha Jones could have had something special, argue ‘Sex and the City’ fans 

Carrie Bradshaw’s longtime love interest, Mr. Big, wasn’t the only man to go by a nickname on the show. In season 2, Samantha met a man on the street who handed her his business card. She liked his look and his boldness, nicknaming him Mr. Cocky. 

After a date, Samantha learned that her nickname had more than one meaning. The well-endowed character and Samantha ultimately didn’t work out. Still, fans liked his style and believed he could have been a good fit for Samantha, who had only recently ended her relationship with James, who adored Samantha but couldn’t ultimately satisfy her.  

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