Queen should speak OUR English! John Lydon in brutal Royal Family slapdown

GMB: John Lyndon in brutal royalty slapdown

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Sex Pistol’s frontman John Lydon has mocked the use of the term “Queen’s English” on GMB during a rant at his publishers. He told host Sussana Reid that the editors of his new book have been trying to “reiterate” his use of language to conform to “Queen’s English.” The comment sparked a brutal slapdown at royalty and jokingly demanded that the Queen should begin to use speak the common language.

Lydon to GMB: “Publishers…they are always trying to reiterate your sentences into what they call the Queen’s English.

“Well, there is less of the Queen than there is of us.

“So I think she should speak our English!”

The rant came as the singer was discussing work on his new  book I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right.

The novel covers the lyricist relationship with his beloved wife Nora, who suffers from dementia.

“It came on really strong and really quick,” Lyndon told GMB.

“And you’re asked questions, of course, by the doctors, ‘When did the symptoms first start?’

“Well, I really don’t know – as I told the last doctor, she’s always been able to lose her keys. Are these indicators?”


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