Piers Morgan's wife Celia admits she's LOST her wedding ring and hasn't told him ahead of their 11-year anniversary

PIERS Morgan's wife Celia has admitted she's LOST her wedding ring and hasn't told him ahead of their 11-year anniversary.

The journalist, 45, got caught out when an eagle-eyed fan spotted she wasn't wearing it while chomping down on a huge hot dog.

A fan quizzed Celia on Instagram: "Wedding ring? Hot dog looks ace."

She replied: "I can't actually find it. But don't tell him. Good spot."

Earlier Celia had posed holding a massive snack from Brighton Pier.

She wrote: "When Mr Sizzles on Brighton Pier asks if 'you want the normal or the XXL?' there's only ever going to be one answer."

Piers, 56, couldn't resist a cheeky reply and commented: "Why go for an XXL Pier Mr Sizzles when you've got an XXXL Piers Mr Sizzles at home??!"

The former GMB host, 56,  has been enjoying time off with his family since quitting Good Morning Britain.

He enjoyed a romantic dinner date with Celia at posh London club Loulou's.

Piers was pictured gazing lovingly at his wife and frequently bursting out into laughter as they enjoyed a dinner.

Sitting across the table from one another, the TV presenter sipped on a glass of red wine as he pulled a range of facial expressions in his wife's direction.

Other snaps saw him looking lovingly in her direction as she spoke before becoming animated and pointing his finger towards his fellow diners.

The couple were joined by their friends round the dinner table for the relaxed soiree.

Piers was even chirpy in the cab on the way home giving a thumbs up signas he was driven off

Piers quit the show after receiving 41,000 complaints for his comments on Meghan Markle’s Oprah interview.

The firebrand TV host, who has been on the ITV show since 2015, earlier stormed off after becoming engaged in a row with co-star Alex Beresford.

Piers refused to apologise and insisted he had freedom of speech.

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