Phillip Schofield asks if sex spreads coronavirus – and gets surprising answer

This Morning have been busting myths over coronavirus – including whether you can pass it on through sex.

With the NHS warning about the spread of misleading information, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were joined by the experts to sort out the fact from fiction.

This Morning's Dr Sara Kayat and Immunologist Dr Al Edwards gave viewers some fact-based answers in a bid to stop the spread of myths.

And Phillip asked: "Can you get it from sex? That's another question being asked."

Dr Sara explained that you cannot spread coronavirus through sex itself, as it is not a Sexually Transmitted Disease, but there is some concern.

She added: "It can be transmitted through respiratory droplets, which can be spread from direct contact. As such you are more likely to catch coronavirus through intimacy with an infected partner."

When Phil pointed out that you are pretty close to your partner during sex, Dr Sara added: "You're pretty close unless you're having sex through like a plastic sheet which is not very sexy at all."

Dr Sara explained that UK modelling estimates a 1% mortality rate for coronavirus, which is the same as flu, but there is no vaccine for coronavirus to help protect the most vulnerable.

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When asked if you can catch the virus from pets, Dr Al said: "We are fairly sure that cats and dogs are not infected with this new coronavirus, and its extremely unlikely that people will catch it from their pets. The way the virus is transmitted is from person to person."

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And from a package, he added: "The good news is that this type of virus is actually quite fragile and doesn’t live very long outside the body.

"It particularly doesn’t like paper – hence the 'catch it, bin it' advice. So it’s very unlikely you will get it from a parcel."

Another concern is that coronavirus may be spread by contaminated food – but there is no major need for concern.

Dr Sara explained: "This is an illness spread by respiratory droplets, and as such it is unlikely you will catch coronavirus by eating food prepared by someone with coronavirus and it is likely to be killed by the cooking process.

"However there have been some cases of the virus being detected in the stool, so it cannot be entirely ruled out."

Dr Al confessed it is "unlikely" that someone will get coronavirus twice, but there is uncertainty because it is a new illness.

On whether it's safe to shake hands with people, he said: "Shaking hands is not going to pass on the infection on its own, as we don’t get infected through the hands – but think how often you touch your face. It’s a good idea to practice hand hygiene before eating, and the same goes for putting on make-up."

Dr Sara added: "You cannot catch coronavirus by touch alone, so it is safe to shake hands provided you then wash your hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser prior to eating or touching your face."

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