Neighbours icon flashed everyone on set after snubbing nude thong for racy scene

Neighbours actor Ryan Moloney once flashed everyone on set when deciding to take a risk during a racy nude scene on the iconic Aussie soap.

Ryan, who has played Toadie Rebecchi since 1995, has had his fair share of nude scenes as he became known for encouraging his friends to go for a nudie run.

One of the most famous times was when Stu was leaving town, and he, Ned, Toadie and Connor stripped off and ran across Lassiter’s.

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Another iconic time was when Toadie was caught by his mum in the nude outside number 32, causing her to say: "Well, I've seen it all now. Unfortunately so has everyone else."

But despite getting his practise in with stripping off, Ryan once had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction when he decided to brave it in front of cast and crew on set.

He previously told The Sydney Morning Herald: "Toadie was big on the nudie run. One of the first times I did it the crew handed me a flesh-coloured G-string, but I said, 'No, it's okay, I'll just cover myself with my hand, I'll be fine.'

"But then I had to do a stunt where I fall on mats, and because it had been raining I went flying and everyone saw my bits."

Meanwhile, fans were stunned as Neighbours made its huge return to screens after being axed by Channel 5 last year, as Toadie and Terese Willis tied the knot.

The soap comes back two years after the events of the July 2022 finale, and a lot has happened since then, as Toadie and Melanie split, as well as Paul and Terese.

It was revealed Paul left Terese standing at the altar during their ceremony, while Melanie walked out on Toadie and his two kids Nell and Hugo, leaving him only a note.

Fans were stunned to see Toadie and Terese were together, but actor Ryan explained to Digital Spy: "Paul screwed Terese over and she was really, really hurt. Melanie screwed Toadie over and he was really, really hurt too!

"They became really great friends throughout that, supporting each other. Then they just started to fall for each other, throughout those moments of support and love."

Neighbours is now airing on Amazon Freevee.

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