Natalia Dyer on Her Hannah Montana Beginnings and How Her Religious Upbringing Fueled New Movie

Lest people forget, you’re 25. You’ve been playing high school students for the past few years. Are you keen to start playing roles closer to your age?

Yeah. I do have to keep reminding myself not to do too much in a rush, because the aging process will come.

I do think I get excited when teenagers are written in the complex way that they deserve. And I think, as long as the character is given a full story, that's always exciting. But yeah, I think eventually I'll probably get to the point where I'm like, "Okay, it's really hard for me to relate to a high schooler now that I'm nearly 30." But, yeah, in general, I think I'm… I don't have any exactly specific ideas in mind except to just try different things, try challenging things.

Oh, I have always said that I wanted to be in an action movie. Just like a big, ridiculous action movie because that's very not my niche. But I'd try it. But I think, yeah, I think just complex, full rounded, female characters with good stories who aren't just the objects of desire. I'm really pretty open to any of those.

  • Yes, God, Yes opens in virtual cinemas and at select drive-ins on July 24. It arrives on Digital and VOD on July 28.

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