Naked Attraction bosses plan saucy spin-off as singletons strip off in hotel

Naked Attraction could be about to get a dramatic full-body makeover – with a new spin-off show that throws naked singletons into a hotel.

Hosted by Anna Richardson, the outrageous Channel 4 dating show has seen brave singletons strip off on telly for five years, and now show bosses could be giving the scandalous dating series a major revamp.

The nude dating show, which first aired in 2016, casts a fully clothed "chooser" who is faced with six naked people initially hidden in booths, and their bodies and faces are gradually revealed as the rounds go on.

But according to an inside source, fans could soon be seeing contestants check in to a fancy hotel as they look for love in their birthday suits – in Naked Attraction Hotel.

A TV insider revealed to The Sun: "The observation producers made was that contestants on the show often ended up wishing they had gone with one of the other choices.

"But in most cases it was too late to get together with them because they had left the process.

"So the idea behind having a hotel is that, after the selection process, all the participants remain in one location and can have dates with multiple people.

"It’s easy to forget with Naked Attraction that the show isn’t just about the section where people’s naked bodies are revealed, it’s also about their actual dating experience once they have put their clothes back on."

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The idea for the show's format would be inspired by Channel 4's hugely successful First Dates show, which is hosted by French maitre d' Fred Sirieix.

First Dates was originally set at St Paul's in London, at the lush Paternoster Chop House, before it moved to The Refinery restaurant in Manchester during lockdown.

The series, which began in 2013, has become so popular that it bagged itself a spin-off – First Dates Hotel – which came four years after and sees contestants mixing with each other in a more intimate hotel setting.

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The hotel format is set in the south of France and allows contestants to enjoy more variety with multiple dates.

The new Naked Attraction spin-off format, which is not yet commissioned, could see nude singletons try their hand at finding love in a similarly dreamy location to First Dates Hotel.

But if we do see Naked Attraction Hotel hit our screens, we'd guess that if contestants are getting their kit off, at least the restaurant will have a dress code (of sorts).

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