Mama June admits she spent about '$1.5 MILLION' on drugs before 2019 crack arrest as she now celebrates one year sober

MAMA June has admitted the extent of her crack cocaine abuse, as she now pursues stability in her family life and financially.

The Mama June: Road To Redemption star recently celebrated a year sober after the drugs consumed her life and finances.

June Shannon, 41, opened up about the money she spent on crack and how she escaped being "homeless" after years of frugality.

The reality star spoke to Us Weekly in preparation for her WeTV show's new season which airs tonight at 9 pm.

The mom of four spoke about the drug money, which she claims was "like $1.5 million over the last several years.

“I spent, like, $750K. I had a lot of money saved up because that’s just me, I’m just a frugal type of person,” she explained of the last six months before her March 2019 arrest.

June later revealed that the number was more “like $1.5 million” total, as she began using 21 years ago in 2000.

“You gotta think about it, like, literally since 2000 into 2017 [and into January 2020]. Our habits start off as a one gram a day, which was $100, and then it went from there to, like, a couple hundred dollars next week, a couple hundred dollars.

"Then it became $2,400 or $3,000 just depending on where we were at. If we were in L.A., our habit will be four grand a day," she confessed.

“The only difference in me using versus somebody who doesn’t have the money that would be homeless or something is I just had an abundance of money to do more of the drug.”

June was outwardly functional during her crack addiction, as she frequently was seen out in public living a normal life.

“I know the world will be shocked because you didn’t know it. I was out doing press. I was out living my life. I was out doing, you know, I was doing a season and stuff like that."

After celebrating "14 months sober" the TV personality shared hopes of rebuilding a relationship with her family and children.

“I don’t have a lot. I’m trying to rebuild myself financially. I went to rehab with a $1.75 to my name," she admitted.

"I’m able to pay my rent. I’m able to pay my light bill and able to do that and have just a little bit of money saved up.

“My goal is to live day by day. I would like to get some of this weight off of me and, you know, eventually, it will happen, but my sobriety and mending my relationships with the kids [are what] I’m getting back into.”

June and her boyfriend Geno Doak are still together, after sharing in the addiction, and both facing arrest for possession.

The couple has spent five years dating after the blonde introduced him on season one of Mama June: From Not To Hot.

Though the recovering addict previously stated that she would "never get married," she has opened her mind to the idea with Geno.

“Geno makes me think of things that I never thought about before. It’s just, like, a weird situation still today to talk about it," she told the publication.

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