Maher's Last Future Headlines of 2021 Are So Bleak They'll Probably Come True (Video)

Hopefully not

Of course, you can also watch the whole thing at the top of the page now.

  1. Britney Spears Found Nude in a Lion Enclosure.

Side note: At this point it’s probably time for everyone to stop mocking Spears’ mental health issues.

2. Jeopardy! Host Dumped Over Newly Discovered Problematic Pre-School Art Work

Just a reminder: The thing referenced here happened because the guy they picked to replace Alex Trebec wasn’t very well vetted and it turned out he’d once said a whole bunch of sexist things about coworkers on a podcast — and also was connected to a sexual discrimination lawsuit. So, not really as trivial as this joke.

3. Racist Karen Calls 911 on Anti-Mask Karen, Cop Karen Shows Up and Shoots Both

Yeah, actually surprised this hasn’t happened yet.

4. Putin Critic Survives Fall From Building by Landing on Previous Putin Critic Who Fell From Building

Another one I’m surprised hasn’t actually happened yet.

5. Fox News Gives Confederate Flag It’s Own Show

See previous comment

6. In Ultimate Troll Move, Biden Changes Name to Brandon

Honestly this would be hilarious. Biden should actually do that.

7. Leaked Facebook Memo Admits the Metaverse Is Just Going to Be Guys Jerking Off

Well that, or spreading fascist propaganda

8. Meghan Markle to Accept Bitcoin for Whatever It Is She Does

The second best cryptocurrency joke of the week.

9. Bristol Palin Announces Engagement to Kyle Rittenhouse.

Literally who?

10. Town That Voted to Defund the Police Wakes Up to Find Everything Gone

Wokka wokka wokka, I guess.

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