MAFS’ Terence and Porscha make ‘tough decision’ in tense first commitment ceremony

After muddling through a rocky few weeks, Married at First Sight couple Porscha and Terence's relationship came under scrutiny in the first commitment ceremony of the series.

The newlyweds got off to a rough start on the day they said “I do” when Porscha revealed she had been hoping for someone a little different to Terence, as she herself was a devout Catholic who had been matched with a party boy.

But from there the situation only appeared to escalate as the duo were constantly at each other’s throats with multiple disagreements sparking over next to nothing while on the Honeymoon.

On one particular occasion, the argument sparked over Terence branding Porscha “childish” after she refused to accept a spoon from him after she had requested one from production.

The angry bride then took umbrage with this and wanted to know why he had deemed her “childish” for the next three days.

In a surprising twist, the escalation of discontent continued at the first dinner party of the series with the other couples, when Terence appeared to snub Porscha by greeting everyone else in the room except her.

Overcome with emotion at the “disrespect”, Porscha left the room crying, prompting Terence to seek her out to check if she was okay, however he was only met with hostility in response.

As a consequence, Porscha launched into an angry tirade at the dinner, as she called out Terence for the lack of “respect” he had shown her, something which prompted two other grooms to intervene to try and calm the rising tension.

With their relationship poised on a knife edge, at a commitment ceremony the following day, Terence and Porscha finally decided to open up about what was really happening in their dwindling romance.

Opening up about their friction, Terence told the panel experts “The Porscha I get is different to the one everyone else gets. She can be a bit of a diva sometimes. She’s got very self centred behaviour.”

However, Porscha defended her behaviour by explaining she was a mother who wasn’t a morning person, meaning that the times Terence had tried to connect, she was too tired to properly engage with him.

The conversation then shifted to the first dinner party, and Terence’s decision to give Porscha some space instead of greeting her, as he felt their argument from the night before may spill over.

However, Porscha revealed she hadn’t seen the situation that way and considered his “disrespectful” decision to blank her as the ultimate “humiliation.”

Porscha then added: “I’m Congolese and for us, the family is the most important thing. You always put on a united front.”

Terence's lack of putting her first then became the biggest indication that showed her that they didn’t share the same values.

As a consequence, Terence revealed he would like to leave the experiment after finding the situation unsustainable, but Porscha, in a surprising twist, decided she wanted to stay and give their relationship a fighting chance.

Will the couple manage to overcome their differences?

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