MAFS fans dub Laura ‘new Whitney’ while they ‘fall in love’ with Jay and husband Luke

Married At First Sight UK is back on our screens with a fresh batch of singletons ready to meet their husband or wife for the very first time at the altar.

The first episode of the 2023 series aired on E4 on Monday 18 September, and it gave viewers the first introduction to the people they will be watching this year.

Two weddings also went ahead, with sales executive Luke marrying sales manager Jay, and Chelsea girl Laura getting hitched to tennis coach Arthur.

There have been very mixed reactions from viewers to the first couples, with some people branding Laura a 'walking red flag', with others said they were 'in love' with Jay.

Laura, who was previously married for just ten months, made it clear that she wanted a posh-speaking Chelsea boy, so when she walked down the aisle to meet tennis coach Arthur, she made no attempt to hide her disdain.

Many show fans have compared her to Whitney in the 2022 series of the show, who was less than impressed when she walked down the aisle to meet Duka.

"Laura the new Whitney #MAFS," declared one MAFS viewer, whilst a second tweeted: "Laura and Arthur are this seasons Whitney and Duka… #MAFS."

A third person said: "Whitney and Duka 2.0 #MAFS," whilst a fourth tweeted: "Ohh poor Arthur. He seems so lovely all the right attributes for a husband. Unless you’re Laura of course!"

There was a lot more praise for Jay and Luke, as many people waxed lyrical about Jay and how much they loved her.

One person tweeted: "One couple looks like they will go a distance, the other looks like Whitney and duka last year.. #MAFS"

Another said: "The way Luke was looking at Jay when she was singing. I hope these 2 work out! I love them! #MAFS #MAFSUK

"Luke was so sweet when talking about Jay. I absolutely adore this couple already #MAFS #marriedatfirstsight," said someone else.

A fourth. wrote: "Oh Jay is my favourite #MAFS."

Meanwhile, many show viewers flocked to social media to comment on the cosmetic enhancements being sported by many of the brides-to-be, namely lip filler.

One fan joked during the show: "They need to turn the heating down or those faces gonna melt", while another asked if there was "enough lip filler to go around".

Most of the comments seemed good natured, but one viewer accused the women of "lying" to their husbands-to-be by changing their appearance.

"My unpopular opinion is things like lip filler and makeup we see on shows like this should be banned," they said. "It's essentially just lying to people… that isn't what you actually look like".

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