Kourtney Kardashian fans rip 'gross' Travis Barker after drummer's 'fetish' PDA is captured in pic | The Sun

KOURTNEY Kardashian fans have appeared to be put off by the way Travis Barker shows affection to his wife Kourtney.

The Blink-182 drummer and Hulu personality stunned during a glamorous night out.

A snap of Travis, 42, and Kourtney, 44, lovingly embracing has resurfaced online.

The A-listers were dressed in stylish semi-formal ensembles: Travis had on black slacks and a dapper tuxedo jacket.

Meanwhile, Kourtney donned a sheer strapless red dress and a matching plush fur stole that fell below her ample cleavage.

What stood out most more than their outfits in the pic, was the pose they struck together.

The mother of three leaned into her rock star spouse, smiling hard as he licked her forehead near her eye.

Travis placed his hand on Kourtney's baby bump while he slobbered her face.

The throwback image that was captured during their Italy trip made it to a Kardashian-themed forum on Reddit.

Fans in the comment thread wasted no time admitting how disgusted they felt by Travis' move.

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"Their PDA grosses me out so much," one fan revealed.

Another added: "This would piss me off. Stop getting your spit all over my f**king face."

A third person complained: "It’s so gross how they keep doing what’s, at least to him, obviously fetish things in public and especially in front of her family and kids…"

A fourth cosigned: "Weird, it’s just weird. Their PDA is so over the top it’s just gross…"

A fifth fan agreed: "They’re just weird. It’s a very look at us we want attention. They gross me out.

"I have no problem with PDA or showing affection but they take things to such an inappropriate and uncomfortable level everywhere they go."


Over the last year, Travis and Kourtney's PDA has been the talk of the internet.

So much so that The U.S. Sun connected with body language expert Patti Wood in January 2023 to get her take on the married couple's physical interactions.

In the exclusive interview, Patti told The U.S. Sun: “Kourtney and Travis are into PDA and showing off their highly sexual relationship.

“But while they’re both exhibitionists, there’s also a common thread in their poses, with some looking bizarre.

Looking at an image of Kourtney sitting in Travis' lap on a black and white striped couch, she said the body language shows Travis saying, "I want us to be hypersexual and with me in the dominant position," while Kourtney’s "always happily playing along with it."

"Kourtney goes to straddle Travis, whose position is an alpha sitting position with his legs spread really far apart," she said.

In another image taken at an event in Los Angeles in 2022, Travis nibbled on Kourtney's ear — and Patti noticed Kourtney's response was a big smile and "childlike laughter."

Kourtney and Travis went public with their relationship in 2021 after being friends for many years.



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And from the get-go, the smitten pair gained a reputation for their constant and blatant shows of highly-charged affection.

While plenty of fans and followers have criticized their OTT gestures online, it hasn’t deterred the lovebirds in the slightest.

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