Kim Kardashian and La La Anthony Fan-Girl over Love Is Blind: ‘I’m Obsessed’

Add Kim Kardashian West to the list of Love is Blind fans.

As Netflix’s hit dating experiment returned for a reunion on Thursday, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 39, revealed she couldn’t get enough of the series — thanks to her sister Kendall Jenner and pal La La Anthony, who both encouraged her to tune in.

“Alright @KendallJenner and @lala got me to watch Love Is Blind and I’m obsessed!!!!!!!!!” the reality star tweeted, although she didn’t drop any hints as to which couples stole her heart or what she thought of the show’s many twists and turns.

Without rubbing it in too much, Anthony, 38, playfully pointed out that she’d been right all along.

“Haaaaa!!! I told u!!” she replied, adding in another message that she “got so many people hooked on it.”

In the weeks since Love Is Blind premiered last month, audiences watched as several couples took a journey from meeting and getting engaged without ever seeing each other to walking down the aisle on their wedding day — although not everybody said “I do.”

As almost a year and a half has passed since the “weddings” took place in November 2018, there was a lot to talk about during the reunion special.

Lauren and Cameron and Amber and Barnett — who both tied the knot on the show — are still husband and wife, while Damian and Giannina got back together and are currently dating.

With the exception of Kenny, who is now in a relationship with somebody outside of the show, all of the other participants remain single.

Although they’ve already tied the knot, Lauren and Cameron see at least one more wedding in their future.

“We thought about doing one in Maine and one in Detroit,” Cameron, who is originally from Maine, told PEOPLE.

“At least a reception or something where we can invite all of our family that didn’t get a chance to get to our wedding since it was so fast,” Lauren added. “We couldn’t bring everybody [to the on-camera ceremony] like we wanted to, but we definitely want to plan that and involve as much of our family as we can.”

The entire first season of Love Is Blind is streaming on Netflix now.

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