Khloe Kardashian accused of 'STEALING' statement about unedited pic leak as fans spot similarities with different post

KHLOE Kardashian has been accused of copying parts of her statement about the unedited photo leak from a fan on Reddit.

Eagle-eyed users noticed that the KUWTK star's comments look suspiciously similar to what a fan had advised her to post hours earlier.

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The fan is believed to have written up a draft statement of what Khloe should say about the leak, which they shared on a Reddit thread about the reality star.

They wrote: "Khloe should have then POSTED THE PHOTO TO HER STORY and either typed or recorded herself saying 'Listen, I'm not going to act like I like this photo. I don't. I find it mortifying and it doesn't help my self image.

"I appreciate the kind words but I think we all know I have struggled with self image for quite a while, you try growing up being Kim Kardashian's sister!

"While I am working hard to love myself I don't feel like anyone would enjoy an unflattering photo of themselves posted to the world. To be clear, the lighting is god awful, I'm not posing, I don’t have a tan, I’m wearing no makeup, and the angle is all wrong.'"

The mock statement – which was first reported by The Mirror – continued: "'Yes, sometimes I will smooth out my skin a little or put a nice filter on a photo like everyone else so clearly I look a little different here. If you want to repost this photo to shame me or to mock me then that's on you.

"My body has brought my beautiful daughter into this world and no one can take that from me. I hope you are all staying safe and feeling loved. I know I am.'"

The user said this would help to "shift the negative narrative surrounding Khloe" and "turn it into a story of vulnerability and strength".

Khloe appeared to echo certain points in the fan post in her own statement, which began: “Hey guys, this is me and my body unretouched and unfiltered."

“The photo that was posted this week is beautiful. But as someone who has struggled with body image her whole life," she adds.

“When someone takes a photo of you that isn’t flattering in bad lighting or doesn’t capture your body the way it is after working so hard to get it to this point.

“And then shares it to the world – you should have every right to ask for it to not be shared – regardless of who you are."

She goes on: "I love a good filter, good lighting and an edit here and there. The same way I throw on some make-up, get my nails done or wear a pair of heels to present myself to the world the way I want to be seen and it’s exactly what I will continue to do unapologetically."

She adds: “My body, my image and how I choose to look and what I want to share is my choice. It’s not for anyone to decide or judge what is acceptable or not anymore.”

After the Good American founder shared her post, Redditers couldn't help but spot similarities with the fan's draft statement.

"Someone posted such a similar statement that they said Khloe should post! It felt so familiar to me," one claimed.

"Literally thought the SAME thing when I read her post. It's almost as if they copy/pasted that person's statement," another added.

A third agreed: "Omg yes, I've been trying to dig it up, it was so spot on."

While addressing the backlash, Khloe also posted a video of herself posing topless and showing off her figure while working out.

Since earlier this week, The Kardashians’ crisis management team has desperately attempted to completely remove the leaked snap of Khloe from the internet – even sending out “legal threats” to take down the bikini shot. 

It is believed that the photo was taken by Khloe's grandmother MJ and posted by an assistant due to a "miscommunication".

Fans have slammed the E! star's efforts to scrape the photo from the internet as she typically talks about body positivity and acceptance.

On Monday, a source close to the famous family exclusively told The Sun that Khloe “completely lost it” and wanted it taken down "as soon as possible" when the post was shared. 

“She was freaking out and within minutes the photo already began circulating everywhere," the source said.

The informant alleged that Khloe became emotional and "embarrassed" as she "knew this was going to be a big deal."

“But the positive comments have genuinely seemed to help,” the source added. 

Though many fans appeared shocked by the rare unedited glimpse at the Kardashian sister, a lot gushed how “beautiful” Khloe looked “naturally” and insisted she “doesn’t need photoshop” to look good.


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