Kate Garraway admits ‘struggling to sleep’ after heated Covid sacrifice debate

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Kate Garraway returned to our screens to present Good Morning Britain alongside co-host Ben Shephard on Wednesday morning.

The 53-year-old broadcaster told Ben, 45, and viewers that she didn't manage to get much sleep before the show.

Ben kicked off the latest edition of the ITV breakfast show, and said: "Good morning to all our viewers, there is a lot in the programme today!"

Kate replied: "There is a lot going on with my hair this morning as well, Ben.

"I did say to our team please could you put some extra sugar in my coffee this morning, I am going to need it."

She joked: "I haven't had a lot of sleep, the hair has exploded, it's going to be a fun morning for you, Ben."

Kate's husband Derek Draper, 53, is currently in hospital after contracting coronavirus in March last year.

The virus has left the former Labour lobbyist in a medically-induced coma.

Kate has kept her fans updated with her husband's progress, who has been in hospital since March 2020 due to Covid-19.

The couple are parents to two young children, Darcey ,14 and 11-year-old William.

Telly favourite Kate made a heartfelt speech about Covid sacrifices during a heated debate on Tuesday's edition of Good Morning Britain.

Ben and Kate chatted to guests about the potential plan for vaccine passports.

Things got tense between Kate and political commentator Dominque Samuels as they clashed on whether or not the said passports will work.

The passports could potentially prevent people who have refused the vaccine from entering certain public places such as pubs and cinemas.

Dominque argued that younger people were less affected by coronavirus so they should be allowed out and not be forced to have the vaccine.

Kate replied: "You say young people aren't so badly affected but they can still carry it, so they would make the choice that they would rather not be vaccinated and potentially help to protect those around them, that would mean they weren't safe to go into the pub.

"That would be their choice, no one is forcing them to make a decision, they would be choosing to make a decision from their own opinions, which would mean they couldn't do those things, why is that unfair compared with risking someone's life?"

Dominque fired back: "That's based on your idea of freedom, not being forced to do something is, but you are inadvertently being forced to take a vaccine."

Mother-of-two Kate responded: "No, you are only being asked to take it if you want to undertake that activity, I understand the point you are driving at, there are people who are fearful or don't want to take the vaccine.

"But we are all doing things we don't want to do, we don't want to stay at home, we don't want to be in lockdown, there are people who don't want to wear masks, a lot of people who don't want to do all sorts of things.

"We would like to go and see our loved ones, we can't, we would like to visit them in hospital, there are many sacrifices that people are making."

"The argument would be, if you choose not to have the vaccine, that is your choice, but it has consequences."

Ms Samuels replied: "No there shouldn't be any consequences because that is a decision that someone has made," and argued that instead of vaccines being required, people should be able to have their temperature taken on entry to venues.

Former I'm A Celeb contestant Kate went on to correctly point out not everyone with Covid has a temperature.

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