Kate and Jon Gosselin’s daughter Mady, 20, suffers 'twin pains' with sister Cara & admits she's 'never experienced this’

MADY Gosselin, Jon and Kate daughter, revealed she and her sister Cara seemed to experience “twin pains” after getting a shot in the arm.

The 20-year-old reality star shared a “weird, creepy story” on her TikTok about getting the covid vaccine and Cara somehow feeling the effects of it.

Lying down on her bed, Mady took to the video-sharing platform to tell fans about getting her shot on Monday, only for her twin to feel the same pain in the same arm.

She shared: “I got it in my right arm because I’m left-handed. Just for reference, my twin sister is right-handed, so she gets shots on her left arm. 

“So, she’s really far away, like out of state, and she texted me and she kind of knew I was getting my vaccine, so she texed me and goes, ‘What arm would you get your shot in?’” 

After explaining to Cara that she got it in her right arm, the twin said this “really weird” thing was happening – she was having “twin pains or sympathy pains” in her own right arm.

Cara added that her arm was “killing” her, despite not having gotten a shot there or doing anything to over-exert her muscles.

Mady continued: “She’s like, ‘It’s like a dull pain and then sometimes it’ll get sharper in the middle of my arm a little bit,’ which is exactly what my arm feels like. 

“And she was like, ‘I didn’t do anything, over-exert my arm or anything.’ So, she was like, ‘I literally think I’m having twin pains.’” 

The Kate Plus 8 star continued to be shocked by the situation as she went on with the story, starting to sit up from bed and get closer to her phone camera.

She said the two of them had “never experienced that before” and thought it was so “scary.”

Once she got through telling the whole tale, Jon and Kate's daughter asked fans in the caption: “Are we being dramatic or is this a thing?”

Her followers jumped in to assure her that many of them have similar stories and have felt the same thing with their siblings.

One said, “Twin pains are a real thing,” while another wrote: “This is a thing for sure!”

Mady recently gave her TikTok fans a bittersweet glimpse of her dorm room as she packed up to move out of college.

In a caption, she wrote: "Things in my dorm room because I'm moving out and I'm sad."

She began her montage with an image of "the sign I did not steal from a bulletin board" before moving on to images of a frog and a lady sitting in the grass.

Then followed images of her bookshelf and a snap of a vintage-looking jewelry box, which she revealed she "got from a grandmother at a yard sale."

Mady previously ditched the limelight of reality TV and escaped her parents Jon and Kate’s hostile custody battle to live a normal college life.

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