Johannah Duggar’s rumored boyfriend, 19, denies dating Jim Bob’s daughter, 15, & insists they're just 'great friends’

JOHANNAH Duggar’s rumored boyfriend Carver Bowers denied dating Jim Bob and Michelle’s teen daughter, as he insisted they are just “great friends.”

Johannah, 15, has been rumored to be courting musician Carver, 19, after the two have been pictured together several times. 

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Carver said of the dating rumors: “We are great friends but no, we’re NOT courting or getting to know each other with intentions of marriage AT ALL. 

“Just friends with her and her family.”

Carver added that he’s “currently thinking about someone completely different” that he “appreciates.” 

Carver is a pianist and singer for his family’s group Bowers Family Singers.

He has posted multiple photos with Johannah over the past year. 

Carver posted a photo with Jim Bob, Michelle, Johannah and their siblings back in August 2020. 

He also spent Christmas and New Year's Eve with the Duggar family, as he posted various photos and videos in the home with Johannah present. 

Carver’s most recent get together with the Counting On star was on March 25, as he sat next to her while performing. 

Though Jim Bob and Michelle’s children are known to court in their teens, fans became outraged when they learned of the possible courtship. 

One wrote on Reddit: “She's a child. She should be going to school, not setting up a wedding registry.”

A second said: “God. I hope not. I didn't realize how old he was. Dude is 19 turning 20 in October, she is 15 turning 16 in October.”

A third commented: “I hope not though considering Michelle got married at 17 it wouldn't surprise me. Sadden but not surprise.”

Johannah’s older sister Joy-Anna was the youngest daughter to enter a courtship, as she was 19 when she began dating now-husband Austin Forsyth. 

As for the men, Justin announced his courtship to Claire Spivey when he was just 17. 

He didn’t waste any time tying the knot, as they got married five months later after he turned 18 years old. 

Jana, 31, remains the only adult daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle’s to remain single. 

While Jana has yet to announce a courtship, she is suspected to be dating pilot Stephen Wissmann, 27.

The rumors started when a Tumblr user posted a photo of Jana next to the Nebraska pilot during his family’s Christmas celebration. 

The photo was on the Wissmann family blog and has since been deleted.

The Duggar and Wissmann families also visited Magnolia in Texas over the weekend, as Stephen appeared to be standing behind Jana in one group photo. 

Stephen and his family also attended Jana’s younger brother Jedidiah’s wedding to wife Katey, as he even went to the family’s church the following day for Easter service. 

The Sun reached out to Stephen, who did not deny a courtship with Jana.

The dating rumors come after oldest brother Josh, 33, was arrested and charged with two counts of child pornography in April.

According to the indictment, Josh “knowingly received child pornography” between or about May 14, 2019 and on or about May 16, 2019.

For the second count, Josh “knowingly possessed material that contained images of child pornography,” including “images of minors under the age of 12.”

If convicted, he could receive 20 years in prison with fines up to $250,000 for each count. 

Josh pleaded not guilty to the charges at his arraignment.

He was released from jail a week later and has been ordered to wear a GPS ankle monitor.

He is currently on home confinement at Jim Bob’s church friends LaCount and Maria Reber’s home.

Josh has unlimited access to his six children with wife Anna, 32, when she is present. 

Anna is expecting their 7th child and is standing by her husband despite the crime.

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