Jeremy Clarkson cackles as Scarlett Moffatt forgets pooch in lifeline dilemma

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Jeremy Clarkson was left cackling at Scarlett Moffatt's crisis as she struggled to come up with an answer on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?

The Gogglebox star was sat in the hot seat as she was quizzed by TV host Jeremy to win lump sums of cash – but as she set her safety net at £8,000, the question truly threw her.

She was asked: "With a name from the Chinese for 'sand skin' or 'sand fur', which dog is noted for its loose, wrinkled skin and short rough coat?"

Scarlett, who was utterly befuddled, said the only thing she knew was the fact that it wasn't Shih Tzu, because she had one and their fur was nothing like it.

Torn on whether to pick 50/50 or phone a friend, Jeremy reminded her that if she picked 50/50, and Shih Tzu was on the list, she knew that she would have the right answer.

Much to her surprise – and luck – Scarlett took his advice and was hit with two answers to choose from, Shar Pei and Shih Tzu.

However, the gobsmacked star immediately started to second guess herself and said she couldn't remember what her dog actually looked like anymore.

Jeremy was left in hysterics over her comment after his failed attempts to help the TV star, but luckily, despite her reservations, Scarlett landed on the right answer as she went with her gut.

It was just in good time too, as the star bagged £8,000 in the safety net before she lost her cash.

Despite using her phone a friend on her final question, Scarlett missed out on winning £16,000 for her chosen charity – but luckily, she still kept hold of her £8,000.

Scarlett appeared on the show shortly after Judge Rinder, and although neither of them landed the £1m win, they still took home a good lump sum for charity.

Scarlett won £8,000 for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, while Judge Rinder won £64,000 for Buttle UK.

A total of £72,000 will be donated to charity following the episode.

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