Jamie Fraser height: Is Outlander star Sam Heughan shorter than Jamie Fraser?

Outlander cast tease details of ‘exciting’ season six

Starz drama Outlander has been keeping fans hooked since it first hit screens with audiences around the world falling in love with the story of Jamie (played by Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe). Based on the novels by Diana Gabaldon, the first book was published back in 1991 and so there is also a loyal readership. Many fans are curious to know about the similarities and differences between the source material and the programme including details about Jamie.

Is Outlander star Sam Heughan shorter than Jamie Fraser?

In the novels, Jamie is described as a towering giant of a man with flaming red hair and a proud Scotsman through and through.

He is strikingly handsome with many women and men falling for the Highlander.

However, Claire is not at first enamoured with Jamie and the two fell in love over time as get to know each other.

Along with his good looks, Jamie’s kindness and honour make him the object of Claire’s affections.

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Author Gabaldon has stated many times in the past how she based Jamie on her husband Doug Watkins.

She told fans at a 2015 Random House event: “Well, I have been married to a tall redhead with a sense of humor [sic] for almost 45 years.”

The couple has been married for half a century now and have three children together, including son Sam Sykes who is also a fantasy writer.

Scottish actor Heughan’s height is 6ft 2in or 1.91 m, according Celebrity Heights which is fairly tall.

Nonetheless, some Outlander fans in the past have expected the star to be even taller as they imagined him in the books.

Gabaldon has also said previously how she had initially been unsure about Heughan taking on Jamie but his chameleonic audition won her over.

As part of his performance, Heughan put on a strong accent compared to his natural softer Scottish inflections.

Heughan is also blonde in real life and so wears wigs for Jamie and has previously even dyed his hair red to match his character in the show.

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Gabaldon explained on the Outcasts An unofficial Outlander podcast: “Well, you know what he’s like, he’s a total chameleon. He changes with each show for each character.”

She went on to say: “I was thinking, ‘Well, he doesn’t look like Jamie Fraser except for a little bit around the edges.’

“On the other hand, [I thought] he looks really different, so maybe he’ll be fine and of course, he was. But that was my first reaction. I was like, ‘Are you sure?’”

Reflecting on Heughan’s initial audition, she said: “He didn’t look anything like his pictures, he looked fine.”

The writer said as she watched his audition tape: “And then, five seconds later he was gone, and it was Jamie Fraser there. I was astonished.”

Gabaldon and Heughan have a strong working relationship with the actor often going to the writer about his performance and trying to perfect Jamie.

Both Balfe and Heughan have now become producers on Outlander have previously stated they feel a guardianship over their characters.

The acting duo now has more of a collaborative role in the show as producers, something which will continue going forward.

Season six is in the works and the stars are hoping to start filming soon with the coronavirus pandemic impacting on this.

Outlander season 1 to 5 are streaming on Amazon Prime Video now

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