James Bond girl Britt Ekland ‘No Time To Die ruined the 007 fantasy’

James Bond being a dad ‘ruins the fantasy’ says Britt Ekland

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Britt remembers Sir Roger Moore with huge affection, sharing after the James Bond star’s death: “There were many reasons to adore Roger. He was such fun; he was very tall and very handsome; he was a kind, class act who made filming a joy. But more than that, he literally saved my life. We were shooting the scene where we were escaping from [the villain] Scaramanga’s island with a series of controlled explosions and pyrotechnics. It was a burning hell. We walked through the scene in rehearsal several times and each explosion was timed precisely.”

Britt continued: “I was in a bikini, of course, and wearing wedge heels which made it tough to run. When the cameras started rolling, I was too slow and one explosion went off right under my bottom and singed my bikini. My instinct was to cover my face and roll down to the floor, and if you watch the movie you can see me start to go down. Roger grabbed my hand and pulled me up to safety and carried me along to finish the scene unscathed. Another actor might have told me off or made some sort of comment, but Roger never mentioned it again. He was always ready with a hug and a kind word.”

Britt longs for the next 007 star to be more like “my Bond” Sir Roger, dismissing calls for a gender-swapped incarnation of the spy.

The Man with the Golden Gun actress also feels that the introduction of the spy being a father in Daniel Craig’s No Time To Die was not in keeping with the franchise.

Speaking previous with Good Morning Britain, the 80-year-old said: “I think that Bond should probably be a little bit more untouchable. He’s a fantasy…the Bond man. Every big do I go to, everyone wants to be Bond.”

Asked if Bond being a father ruins the 007 bachelor fantasy, Britt admitted: “I think so. I, personally, think so. But [Bond producers] Barbara [Broccoli] and Michael [G Wilson], they know better than me so…”

The actress is very proud to be a Bond girl and not in favour of politically correct updates to the franchise. On the next 007 star she said: “It would be wonderful if [after Daniel Craig] they turned back in time and turned a little bit more to the traditional, old-fashioned, bachelor, pipe-smoking [spy].”

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Britt has also spoken out against updating Bond girls, previously telling The Guardian: “I’m the proudest Bond girl there is because there are not a lot of us left. And there won’t be any in future. The Bond girl has to look good in a bikini. That was her role…the Bond girl of my era exists no more because they’re not presented that way. You wouldn’t see her in a bikini next to Daniel Craig in a suit today. The PR department would make sure that didn’t happen.”



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