Intruder fans call out major blunder during tense robbery scenes in new Sally Lindsey thriller

INTRUDER fans called out a major blunder during a tense robbery scene in new Sally Lindsey thriller.

The brand new Channel 5 drama follows married couple Rebecca (Elaine Cassidy) and Sam (Tom Meeten) in the wake of a break-in by two local teenagers.

But viewers of the crime thriller were left baffled by the forensic blunder made during the robbery.

The four-part series is a gripping thriller starts with the couple hosting a dinner party with their friends.

The evening drew to a close and their guests made their way home, however the couple unknowingly been robbed by a pair of youngsters.

As the teens try to escape through a window, Sam stabs one of them in a rage, and they enlist the help of their friend Angela to cover up his tracks.

Teenagers Tommy and Syed are soon held responsible for the break in and Family Liaison Officer Bailey heads the the ensuing investigation, which soon turns into a tale of cover-ups and murder.

However, fans were left puzzled as to why the robbers were not wearing gloves amidst the robbery.

Syed could be seen running around the property touching plenty of surfaces in the home without gloves.

A number of eagle-eyed fans were quick to comment on the mistake, with one writing: “As if burglars would rock up without gloves on Intruder.

Another shared: "“Intruder @chanel5 burglars touching everything and no gloves?”

A third added: "Oh come on. Why did they have no gloves or wears masks? Opening 15 mins not that consistent so far #Intruder."

Viewers were convinced that even if Syed had got out, he still would have been picked up by the police for leaving his fingerprints everywhere.

Other fans were also distracted by the lack of forensic evidence being collected.

After killing Syed, Tom was seen dragging the teen's body from the window to another room inside his home.

One fan posted: "Have this lot on #intruder never seen CSI or heard of forensics?"

A second agreed: "Forensics haven’t found anything untoward? Well, they’ve done a rubbish job then haven’t they??? Have they actually checked a thing? #Intruder."

A third added: "Intruder seems to have a lot of inconsistencies, the forensics time would surely see the blood under UV light in the tumble drier room #channel5."

Rebecca took the wrap for killing the burglar who tried to rob them claiming it was self-defence.

The new thriller is billed as "a dangerous path of cover up, corruption and murder".

Director and writer Gareth Tunley said: “We’re living in a world where, over the last few years, it seems everything we thought was solid has dissolved into air.

“So a story like this has an immediate and very current appeal: a couple who clearly think of themselves as ‘good’ people have their world completely flipped upside down and all their comfortable moral assumptions turned inside out.

“I think it’s a story of upheaval that, while it contains some of our worst fears, we can all relate to on some level.”

Executive Producer Mike Benson said: "Intruder is a tale about one awful decision by a married middle class couple, which leads them into increasingly dark deeds and compromises everything they purport to stand for – prepare for a turbulent ride ahead!”

Intruder will air nightly this week at 9pm on Channel 5.

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