Guilt season 2 cast: Who is joining the cast?

Guilt: BBC tease second season of the drama

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Guilt first premiered in 2019 and was a massive hit for the BBC. After several delays, the second season is finally here, once again following Max McCall (played by Mark Bonnar) through the streets of Edinburgh. has compiled a list of all the main cast of season two.

Who is in the cast of Guilt season two?

Season two of Guilt will expand on everything fans loved about the first season, bringing with it all the main cast members viewers loved in season one.

The four-part series will be “full of twists, turns and deception,” according to the BBC synopsis.

Releasing a 9pm on October 14 on BBC Two, viewers will be greeted by all the major characters of season one, with the new season picking up directly from the first.

Where exactly all the major players are in season two remains to be seen, but fans can expect them to bring their own levels of guilt.


Max McCall – Mark Bonnar

Mark Bonnar is once again leading the series as Max McCall, still dealing with his guilt from season one.

Fresh out of prison for manslaughter, he is now looking for a way to build his life back up after the car incident that sent it crashing down.

Exactly how Max will do this remains to be seen, though he will be encountering familiar and new faces along the way.

While he will enter the second season with a feeling of hopelessness, he will soon realise that there is reason to keep going.

Roy Lynch – Stuart Bowman

Returning as Max’s boss Roy Lynch, Stuart Bowman comes back for season two.

His character arc this season remains to be seen, though he will likely butt heads with Max once more.

Bowman is known for roles in shows such as Grantchester, The Serpent, and Bodyguard.

Maggie – Phyllis Logan

Phyllis Logan will portray Maggie, a new character to the show. 

How she impacts the plot has not been revealed, though it will no doubt be in a negative way for Max.

Logan is known for starring in Downtown Abbey, Girlfriends, and The Good Karma Hospital.

Yvonne – Rochelle Neil

Rochelle Neil is back again as Yvonne, but once again her character arc in season two is being kept under wraps.

Outside of Guilt, the star is best known for Das Boot, The Nevers and Terminator: Dark Fate.

Erin – Sara Vickers

Roy’s daughter Erin is played by Endeavour star Sara Vickers, a new addition for the second season.

Speaking to The Scotsman, Vickers shared some insights on what to expect from the character.

Vickers explained: “When we meet her she’s at a huge crossroads in her life so is extreme with what she attempts to do.

“She’s an entrepreneur, she’s done her own thing, but now it’s falling apart and she’s pushed to do things she’s wanted to do for years.”

What is season two of Guilt about?

When season two was announced, Bonnar released a statement detailing where Max is in the sequel, along with what to expect.

Bonnar explained: “Max is an ex-lawyer, who has just come out of prison after being found guilty of – we imagine – the manslaughter, rather than murder, of a man who was knocked over and killed at the beginning of series one, while Max’s brother Jake (Jamie Sives) was driving the car.

“Max was pissed and it was his car, so Max eventually, after trying to avoid it for the whole series, went to prison.

“He’s on his uppers and trying to find a way back, but there are ulterior motives at work. All is not as it seems at the beginning.”

Guilt season 2 will premiere on BBC Two at 9pm on October 14.

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