Good Morning Britain's Adil Ray 'turns into Piers Morgan' during angry row over foreigners working in NHS

ADIL Ray was stunned today after Edwina Currie claimed he was "turning into Piers Morgan" during a furious row over foreigners working in the NHS.

Ex-minister Edwina Currie unleashed the brutal put-down after the Citizen Khan star called her "disgusting" for saying the NHS should employ more of "our own".

Adil, the son of a Pakistani father and a Kenyan Indian mother, said he was amazed and offended by her remark.

The 47-year-old snapped: "I find that quite disgusting really.

"In the 1950s and 60s Britain had no hope but to ask Indian doctors to save NHS. They stood up in parliament and said the NHS will collapse, those migrant doctors have held up this country, have held up the NHS.

"They are British and as soon as someone comes to this country to work here they are British."

He continued to fume: "Who are 'our own'? Was my father 'our own'? I just don't get this idea that suddenly the migrants who have been here for years aren't British, who do you actually mean someone who was only born in the UK?"

Edwina, who appeared on the ITV breakfast show via video link, finally interrupted and said: "Calm down, calm down. You're turning into Piers Morgan."

Adil shot back back: "I don't care who I'm turning into.

"We're talking about a really important subject. Just tell me what is the difference between our own and my father?

"Where do you draw the line with this Edwina? This is extraordinary."

Many viewers agreed with Adil, with one applauding hm: "Go on Adil ???? ?? ???????? @adilray #gmb #nhs"

Another tweeted: "@adilray giving Edwina Currie some straight talking on #GMB this morning. Adil is absolutely right on the money again, well said Mate, where does all this xenophobic b*****s end. We need to stop this now, our country is going down a very dangerous track at the moment!"

Edwina has accused GMB presenters of acting like Piers Morgan in the past.

Piers quit the show in March following a row over Meghan Markle's explosive Oprah interview.

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