'Gilmore Girls': Did the Cast Really Eat During the Family Dinner Scenes?

The characters of Gilmore Girls met every week to have dinner together. So food was an important part of the show. But did the cast really eat during those scenes. Lauren Graham, who played Lorelai, and more cast members explained their method to doing the scenes.

Family dinner was important on ‘Gilmore Girls’

The show started with Lorelai needing help to pay for Rory (Alexis Bledel)’s private school. She goes to her parents, Richard (Edward Herrmann) and Emily (Kelly Bishop) for their help. The problem is they don’t talk much between the holidays.

“On one condition, since we’re now financially involved in your life I want to be actively involved in your life,” Emily tells Lorelai. “I want a weekly dinner. Friday nights you and Rory will have dinner here.”

She also added that Lorelai has to call them once week to update them on their life. Lorelai agrees to the terms and they mostly continue with this deal throughout the show.

The dinners often started with the family having drinks. Then they would eat an elaborate meal that was made by a cook Richard and Emily hired.

The show returned with Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. The last episode, “Fall” mirrored this important scene.

Lorelai goes to her to ask for money to expand The Dragonfly. Emily agrees to give it to her. “On one condition, I want you and Luke (Scott Patterson) in Nantucket for two weeks every summer and one week at Christmas,” Emily said. “If all goes well, you’ll be staying in the Blackstone house next door. If you agree to this you’ll have the money by morning. If you don’t, you better figure out a way to get rid of those lizards.” Lorelai agrees to the conditions.

The actors started off eating during the scenes

The cast reunited for an interview with the Today show. The cast talked about the food and drinks their characters had in scenes.

Graham did drink coffee for scenes. But creator Amy Sherman-Palladino apologized to Graham, who hates olives. Lorelai would often have a martini with olives despite that and Graham would often put the drinks down to avoid drinking them.

But did the cast eat during the dinner scenes? “We had a lot of spit buckets cause we do many many takes and part of the comfort of the show is like ‘We’re having Chinese food night’ or Cheeto night or whatever and pop tarts,” Graham explained.

“It really bothers me when actors don’t eat the food that’s in the scene,” Bledel said. “Like they’re supposed to be having a meal but don’t eat it so we would go for it most of the time.”

Graham said the scenes that had to be filmed for many takes they would spit out the food so they don’t feel sick by the end. But initially they would eat. Jared Padalecki, who played Dean Forester, said he would eat and even take food home. It sounds like it was up to the actors on what they wanted to do during the scenes.

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