'General Hospital': Jeff Kober Returns as Cyrus Renault

In the latest General Hospital comings and goings, an evil drug lord is returning to Port Charles. This character that everyone loves to hate is definitely going to stir things up for Sonny/Mike, if and when he gets his memory back. And his appearance definitely has Port Charles shaking in its collective boots.

Jeff Kober returns to ‘General Hospital’ as Cyrus Renault

The biggest General Hospital casting announcement, as of late, has revolved around the return of Jeff Kober as the evil Cyrus Renault. Kober returned to the show on the August 31, 2021 episode. And longtime fans of GH couldn’t get enough of the character’s return.

Kober originated the role of Cyrus on February 5, 2020. Kober’s casting was first announced back in January of last year, and his character’s backstory was nothing if not intriguing. The drug runner — whose international enterprise ranges from Seattle to Russia — was released from prison after a decade behind bars, with a full exoneration, after he forced his crony Jordan to testify that it was all a setup.

Cyrus is also the biological brother of attorney Martin Grey, and their mother is Florence Grey. Laura Collins is their half-sister. The late Gordon Grey is his biological father.

What has Jeff Kober been up to lately?

Cyrus was originally only supposed to be on General Hospital for a few episodes. However, in an interview with Soap Opera Digest back in 2020, Kober revealed that GH executive producer Frank Valenti told him that the character would continue to grow as long as Kober enjoyed playing him. Kober also said that he very much enjoyed playing the character of Cyrus, and would be open to returning to Port Charles if the writers would have him. It looks like his wish came true!

Not that Kober has been sitting around waiting for General Hospital to return his call. On the contrary: during the time he was off the canvas, Kober kept himself busy. According to his IMDb page, he recorded an episode of Bosch, where he played John the Baptist. He also recorded an episode of Interrogation, where he played Drake. And he appeared in the series Big Dogs as Capt. DiBiasi.

But, it’s good to see him back in Port Charles. Now the question is: how is he going to shake things up for Smike? And how is that going to affect all the other characters tied to this mess?

Other ‘GH’ comings and goings

In addition to Jeff Kober’s return to General Hospital, other actors are also back on the canvas. For example, soap veteran Patrick Gibbons Jr. — best known for his work on One Life to Live — has made a return to Port Charles as Wyatt Hoover. Gibbons Jr. has been playing the role, off and on, since 2018, according to his IMDb page.

Bart Tangredi — who has had minor roles in such films as Analyze That, and in such television shows as Las Vegas, Judging Amy, and Gilmore Girls — is back on the canvas as the mysterious Mr. Buscema.

Glenn Taranto, meanwhile, has returned to General Hospital to play Victor Novak. Prior to getting the role of Mr. Novak, Taranto played a ballistics expert in a 1994 episode of the show. Taranto also recently starred as Mike on the hit Showtime show, Shameless.

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