Furious Richard Madeley almost knocked down by electric scooter racing through busy London street

RICHARD Madeley has fumed about the moment he was almost knocked down by an electric scooter last week.

The 65-year-old – who is a guest host on Good Morning Britain – told about the near-miss on a busy London street by a scooter travelling at 15mph through crowds.

He told his co-host Susanna Reid: "Have you had a close encounter with one of these things, because I have.

"I was almost knocked over by one in Central London about a week ago.

"It was somebody on the pavement, a big block, big weighty bloke who was going 15mph.

"He was weaving through people and nearly hit me. I was furious."

"Don't get me started on scooters," he sighed.

Richard and Susanna were discussing electric scooter following the launch of a 12-month Government-backed rental trial in London.

E-scooter riders must follow rules similar to cyclists – helmets are recommended but not mandatory, and riding on the pavement is illegal.

If stopped by police, riders face a £300 fixed penalty notice and six points on their driving licence.

Richard is stepping in as guest host alongside Susanna this week – following Adil Ray and Alastair Campbell's stints on the show.

The TV stalwart has been a stand-in presenter on the ITV show since 2017. 

But he hopes to become a more permanent fixture, telling The Sun: "I'm ready to be the new Piers Morgan."

Piers quit earlier this year over his comments about Meghan Markle when he refused to apologise on air.

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