Emmerdales Cain Dingle brutally attacks Al Chapman as Chas romance heats up

Things will certainly reach boiling point next week on Emmerdale as Cain Dingle attacks Al Chapman.

Since he's been working with Chas Dingle to try and get the Woolpack back on its feet, Al approaches Chas and seductively tells her how much he wants her.

As they share a brief moment with one another, it looks like they’re almost about to kiss, but Marlon Dingle walks in and interrupts them before anything happens.

Knowing that something is clearly going on between them, demands answers, but Chas is adamant nothing has happened.

Later on, angered by what he walked into previously, Marlon approaches Al and threatens him, should he ever come between Chas and Paddy's relationship.

While the pair go back and forth at each other, Cain observes the altercation from a distance.

Not long after, Marlon briefs curious Cain on the situation and Cain is vengeful, determined to stop Al from getting any further with his sister Chas.

The following day, an unseen Cain jumps Al and drags him towards a van that is located nearby.

Meanwhile back at the Woolpack, Al’s unexpected disappearance causes Marlon to let slip on what is currently going on and tell Chas about Cain’s plan for revenge on Al.

Knowing the trouble that awaits the pair, Chas shoots off to put a stop to whatever Cain is up to.

Chas' husband Paddy- who has been left in the dark with what's going on- starts asking around about his wife’s whereabouts.

However, to try and protect Paddy, Marlon doesn't tell him what's going on and is willfully vague, which leaves him further confused and suspicious.

Elsewhere, Cain transports Al to a nearby barn and starts to intimidate him and pretends to hold a gun to his chest.

Cain then hints at the intensity of what he’s got in store for Al and his anxiety evidently begins to rise.

But will Chas manage to stop Cain before he goes too far with Al or will she arrive far too late?

Al is determined to get his hands on the The Woolpack so fans will have to wait and see if his feelings for Chas genuine.

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7pm

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