Emmerdale viewers left fuming after spotting Belle Dingle storyline blunder

Emmerdale: Vanessa returns to the Dales

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Eagle eyed ITV soap fans spotted a problem in Thursday’s instalment of Emmerdale. The episode saw Belle Dingle (played by Eden Taylor-Draper) and Ellis Chapman (Asan N’Jie) take youngster Kyle Winchester (Huey Quinn) on a camping trip away from the village. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before the adventure went awry. Belle soon found herself in a terrifying situation, needing to call for help. However, viewers at home were left feeling frustrated as they spotted a major flaw in the storyline.

Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) confessed he had reservations about Belle and Ellis taking his son away for the night for a camping trip.

However, with Belle excited to treat her nephew and Ellis promising he’d keep everyone safe, Cain eventually agreed to let Kyle go.

Unfortunately, it seems Cain was right to be wary as the outing soon spun out of control.

After setting up for a night under the stars, Ellis got a phone call from his ex Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade).

Puzzled by the call, Ellis swiftly rushes off to find out what’s going on and Belle gives him her car keys as he promises to return.

However, while Ellis is gone disaster strikes as Kyle twists his ankle.

Belle is keen to get the youngster back to the village, but swiftly remembers she doesn’t have her car keys.

She soon smashes the car window in the hope they can keep warm inside the vehicle as the night draws in.

Unable to get hold of Ellis, Belle suddenly realises her phone is moments away from running out of charge.

After leaving Ellis another voicemail, Belle tried to call Cain, only for her phone to die.

Trying her best to hide her panic, she attempted to reassure Kyle that they’ll be home soon.

However, after watching the scenes unfold some viewers spotted a flaw with the story.

Taking to Twitter, several fans pointed out she could have called someone other than Ellis.

“Wtf #emmerdale why would Belle not be dialling 999 in that situation if she has signal?!” @mckinel questioned.

“Maybe Belle should’ve just phoned someone else after her first failed call to Ellis? #emmerdale,” @nicolab77 suggested.

“Has Belle… forgotten that she can call someone other than Ellis??? #Emmerdale,” @ClaudiaBoleyn wrote.

@Cirah_TV commented: “Why did Belle just wait in the cold after Ellis didn’t answer? I could list off several people she could have called after he didn’t answer the first time rather than sitting there freezing waiting for him to never show. #Emmerdale.”

“Why didn’t Belle call the emergency services rather than keep trying Ellis? She’s a ruddy idiot! #Emmerdale,” @sarahsjmmoore fumed.

“Is belle f***ing stupid? She’s freezing to death and waiting for someone who isn’t answering his phone to get her? Call someone else??? Moron! #Emmerdale,” @MBDelish said.

Emmerdale continues Monday at 7pm on ITV.

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