Emmerdale fans in tears as Faith Dingle faces cancer battle alone when daughter Chas disowns her

EMMERDALE fans are in tears for Faith Dingle as she faced a cancer battle alone after her daughter Chas disowned her.

The barmaid – who is played by actress Sally Dexter in the ITV soap – is undergoing tests after falling ill and fearing her cancer has returned.

However she has kept this a secret from her children and not wanted to worry them.

But tonight after going to hospital and staying with Eric Pollard, his girlfriend Brenda got the wrong end of the stick.

She accused Faith of breaking into his house and trying to seduce him – just as Chas came to visit.

Unable to defend herself, Faith let Brenda think that was the truth so she didn’t have to tell Chas the real reason.

And it left Faith alone facing the fight of her life.

Viewers were in tears for her predicament.

One shared a crying emoji as they wrote:  "Hope Faith is okay they’ll definitely feel guilty if there’s something up with her".

A second said:  "Cain and Chas will be sorry the way treating Faith if she dies."

Another added: "If Faith’s cancer has returned I’m wondering how Chas will feel when she’s got it all wrong".

However next week the truth will emerge and Brenda will become an ally to Faith and help her herself.

She moves her into Eric’s house – and joins them.

But will Faith be able to open up to Chas?

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