EastEnders viewers open-mouthed as Nancy Carter reveals life-changing reason behind hospital visit

EASTENDERS viewers were left open-mouthed after Nancy Carter revealed the real reason behind her life-changing hospital visit.

The barmaid – played by Maddy Hill in the BBC soap – had to come clean to mum Linda after she found CBD oil in the kitchen drawer.

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A worried Linda jumped to conclusions and assumed her hospital appointment was because she's addicted to drugs.

Nancy – who suffers with epilepsy -got fed up of her mum's accusations and stormed out.

After a session at the gym, Nancy realised that her mum was only looking out for her, so decided to open up to her when she got back home.

Ex-addict Linda told her daughter: "I just don't want you going through what I went through."

Nancy replied: "You don't need to worry, I promise you I'm not a drug addict.

"The CBD is for my seizures. You can't get it here, not that strength anyway."

But Linda then thought that she had started taking it because her seizures had got worse and that's why she had to visit the hospital.

Nancy reassured her mum that the oil has got them under control, but was hesitant to tell her the real reason.

She said: "I just know you're going to go off on one… Okay. I'm getting sterilised."

Nancy added: "There's literally nothing wrong with me. I'm choosing to be sterilized because I don't want to have kids."

And fans of the hit show flocked to Twitter to share their shock at Nancy's decision.

One pointed out: "OMG could Nancy not wanting kids actually be the reason for her & Tam getting Divorced?"

A second said: "Crikey, Nancy!!"

A third added: "Wasn’t expecting that from Nancy tbh."

A fourth chimed in: "Omg Nancy is getting sterilised I was not expecting that one at all."

Last night fans were also left in tears as Bailey Baker made herself homeless so her family could afford to eat.

The talented student decided to leave the Taylor’s flat with dog Banjo over her fears that she had cost them money.

The youngster felt like she was an inconvenience after watching Karen struggle to put food on the table.

She decided to pack up her bags and walk the streets to help her family out.

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