EastEnders Kheerat actor’s life – Assassin’s Creed cameo to renovation venture

EastEnders star Jaz Deol plays Kheerat Panesar in the BBC soap – and while he's been involved in some dramatic storylines, fans don't know too much about the actor's life away from Albert Square.

From a sort-of cameo in a video game, to launching his own property venture, Jaz certainly keeps himself busy.

The 32-year-old began portraying Kheerat, businessman and the eldest of three brothers in EastEnders' first Sikh family in October 2019

Jaz won Best TV Character 2021 at the Asian Media Awards on October 29 and posted his acceptance speech video on his Instagram profile.

In it, he said: “Wow. Usually as an actor I get given lines, but now I have to improvise on my feet to say something.”

The soap star went on to say that when he took the role of Kheerat, he wanted to “create a character” that would be seen as a “protagonist in life” rather than a character that would “fade into the background”.

He thanked his family, friends and the BBC in its caption: "To hear your name being called in a room full of people you admire and respect is an experience in and of itself.

"It's surreal, emotional and overwhelming. In particular this one because it comes from my community. To be embraced by such an audience and hearing those who came up to me afterwards share their feelings of connection to Kheerat Singh Panesar almost had me in tears."

Deol’s character Kheerat was recently at the centre of a murder storyline after solicitor Gray killed his partner Chantelle, but luckily Jaz’s personal life isn't quite as dramatic.

Before Jaz made his entrance to Albert Square and found himself on the wrong side of Ben Mitchell he starred in a very popular video game.

Deol lent his body to blockbuster franchise Assassin's Creed via motion capture technology, playing British Brotherhood member Henry Green in 2015’s Syndicate edition of the game set in Victorian London.


Henry was a mentor to the two protagonists and taught them the ways of the Assassins which helps them foil an assassination attempt by the Knights Templar against Queen Victoria. This earned Henry a knighthood from the Queen.

He also directed Dog, released in 2016, a film that follows a couple’s failing relationship as it reaches crisis point during the announcement of a new arrival.

The star plays a businessman in EastEnders but he seems to have taken a leaf out of Kheerat’s book.

Jaz sparked fears that he would be leaving EastEnders as he has also set up his own property company, announcing the news on his Instagram page @homesjhd where he posts pictures of his current renovation project.

The page’s bio reads: “Property investor from London, passion for creating homes and building long term wealth, focusing on South Wales.”

His impressive page has amassed almost one thousand followers so far, and he shared his thoughts with them in a post: “There’s no question that the market right now is incredibly hot. You could argue the many reasons why but the bottom line is that finding good deals is harder than ever […] Personally, I’ve had to adjust my game plan and numbers because a potential deal missed could cost me more. The game has changed.”

Deol dedicates a lot of his time to physical fitness and charity work, having recently taken part in the Crossfit competition Battle Cancer.

He said: “The question I asked myself was ‘Why hadn’t I done this sooner?’ There was a buzz of energy in the place that was palpable and infectious. I left feeling inspired and motivated.

"The excuses I told myself were endless, ‘I’m not strong enough’, ‘I don’t want to let the team down’, ‘I’m not a competitive person’, but when the whistle blew, all those things were irrelevant.

“I encourage you all to find your physical release. More importantly, be mindful of the mental noise stopping you from taking care of your health and reaching your physical potential.”

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