EastEnders fans in tears as Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway FINALLY get married

EASTENDERS fans are in tears after Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway finally got married.

The mechanic and policeman – who are played by actors Max Bowden and Tony Clay in the BBC soap – married in emotional scenes after Ben decided to turn up after his daughter Lexi revealed she didn't believe in love.

Stood in his overalls, the couple exchanged vows in front of some of their friends and family.

Ben told him: "You are the best looking man that I know and I know a lot of men. 

"Back before we first met I said to you that you see me, that you get me. You always have and I know that I get things wrong, quite often as well, and sometimes you get things wrong. 

"But when you do, I forgive you. When I'm with you I am better. I'm whole. That's me done."

Callum replied: "It ain't just that cheeky smile, or the fact you're proper gobby, and maybe a bit broken. 

"But you taught me Ben that no matter what my head is telling me to always follow my heart and today I can't think of anything else. 

"Before you it was like I was put together all wrong. You picked me up piece by piece and put me back together just like I should've been. 

"I promise to speak honestly and to listen, sometimes. But most importantly to remember that I am us. Before you Ben I was so so lonely but I ain't lonely anymore."

With that they were pronounced husband and husband – and viewers broke down in tears.

One wrote: "Ben’s vows broke me! Callum’s vows destroyed me! They were so beautiful."

A second said: "That was such a beautiful moment. Ben and Callum are officially HUSBANDS!"

Another added: "Awwww Ben and Callum are making me cry with their vows."

Later in the episode, Ben confronted Callum about working with the police to take down Phil.

However, Ben intervened stopping Phil in his war path said Callum is now his husband.

An angry Whitney drove into the Mitchells and Kat in the street – but who did she hit?

EastEnders continues on Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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