Dan Walker tells Sally Nugent hes in real trouble with wife over boxset habit

BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker has admitted he risks getting "in trouble" with his wife back home for one "annoying" TV habit.

Dan was hosting from the red sofa on Monday morning alongside co-host Sally Nugent, who was left in fits of giggles at Dan's presenting antics.

The pair were going through the newspapers of the day when things took a rather unexpected tangent towards box sets, after Dan had finished addressing the "grim" situation in Afghanistan.

"Away from all that, we often like to talk about – when there's so much horrible stuff going on in the world – TV can provide much needed respite," Dan explained, before turning to Sally and asking: "Have you watched Baptiste?"

Sally eagerly responded: "Love Baptiste! Isn't he amazing?"

Dan replied: "I'm all over Baptiste. He's fantastic. I'm obviously aware that it started with James Nesbitt's programme The Missing, I think. Don't shout at me, but I think that's right! Where he was first introduced.

"But Mrs Walker and I, we binged the rest of it during…"

Intrigued by his admission, Sally quickly interrupted: "So will you watch a box set together, then? That's good!"

Dan admitted: "Yeah. It's good. Although it's very annoying when she's busy or I'm busy so you can't watch it, and then when you jump ahead you get in real trouble!"

But the BBC Breakfast host was quick to insist: "Which I didn't do!" in case his wife Sarah was watching from home.

Confused by his tangent, Sally wondered: "Is [Baptiste] in the paper then?"

"No!" Dan giggled, leaving Sally fighting her own fits of laughter. "Nobody's talking about him! I've got no information about him – I just wanted to tell you I quite enjoyed watching it!"

Dan has been married to wife Sarah since 2001, after meeting in 1999 when they both attended the University of Sheffield.

The pair share three children together – Susanna, Jessica and Chuck – though he tends to keep his personal life rather private, and fans have never actually been allowed to see Mrs Walker.

In spite of her low profile, Dan has shared a number of candid admissions about their romance while presenting BBC Breakfast, as well as sharing updates on family life – and their adorable dog Winnie – on social media for his eager followers.

Dan has said in the past that his wife isn't really affected by his early morning work schedule, as she "sleeps like a horse".

Admitting he sets four alarms to wake up in the morning to Claudia Winkleman on her Radio 2 show, Dan explained: "[My wife] she sleeps like a horse. So she's fine… I don't know how horses sleep but you know what I mean."

BBC Breakfast airs from 6am every day on BBC One.

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