Cursed show boss reveals writers begged for beloved character to be spared in major diversion from books

CURSED show boss Tom Wheeler reveals the writers begged for beloved character to be spared in major diversion from books.

The Showrunner Tom Wheeler has revealed some major changes from the original novels which he wrote along with Frank Miller.

The fantasy drama series drops on Netflix tomorrow and will provide a fresh and modern take on Arthurian legends.

However, Wheeler has warned the adventure won’t follow the exact same plot as his books.

He told TV Insider: "As we began to break down the book chapters and images and shape them into episodes, some events shifted back or were moved forward.

“Plus, we found avenues and opportunities to expand on the world and our characters’ backstories. This will be most noticeable as it relates to Arthur, Morgana (Shalom Brune-Franklin) and Sister Iris (Emily Coates).”

Wheeler added: “We were conscious not to contradict the novel, but we did try to fill in areas the book had not fully explored."

The author also commented on the role of 13 Reasons Why star Kathrine Langford, who plays Nimue in Cursed.

He said: “Nimue is a restless, rebellious, strong-willed young woman. [She has] a command over the trees and the fire and the wind that is shocking and often beyond her control.

"This has made her a source of fear and suspicion among her own people. They say she is cursed.”

Cursed is a retelling of the legend of King Arthur, except in this version the Lady of Lake is the powerful lead.

Cursed's main character is Nimue, a fiery teenager who is on a quest.

Our heroine is set to help mercenary Arthur get on to the throne of Camelot.

Nimue's mother dies which leads her on a quest with Arthur to safely deliver an ancient sword that holds power to Wizard Merlin.

Cursed is available from July 17 on Netflix.

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