Corrie fans in disbelief with Sam telescope ‘blunder’ as he attacks gunman

Coronation Street fans were left baffled by a glaring blunder in Tuesday night's episode of the soap, as Gary Windass faced down one of Harvey's gun-brandishing thugs.

It looked like it could spell the end for the soap stalwart, as Sharon Bentley fled the scene as the gunman insisted he needed to "tie up loose ends".

But though a shot was heard – with little Sam unpacking his new telescope in the garden – luckily nobody was injured because Sam had whacked the gunman in the back with his protective telescope case.

He was laid out unconscious in no time – and the bullet he shot ended up missing Gary by an inch.

Fans, however, were left distracted from the tense event as they noticed a huge blunder, and flocked to social media in droves to post: "As if Sam has just laid out a gunman! Go on lad!"

Someone else said: "Sam knocked out Beardy Van Man? At this point, I'm just embracing the crazy of this storyline."

As a third giggled: "Don't get it….did a razor-tipped torpedo come out the end of the telescope??", and someone else pointed out: "So, drug dealing hard man, wannabe gangster, brandishing gun, taken out by child with telescope? This ain’t no Line of Duty, that’s for sure!"

Another social media user couldn't resist typing: "Don't think Sam was quite tall enough to manage that somehow!", as someone else agreed: "So Sam, all of 4 ft, knocked that huge man off his feet!!"

Gary's ex Maria had rushed to his side as he lay on the cobbles, looking frighteningly pale – as though the shot might not have missed.

But he thankfully scrambled quickly to his feet and said: "He missed me!"

And the police were quick to arrive at the scene – though Sharon had already stolen a van and began to rev it up.

It comes after Sharon hilariously tasered Jenny Connor on Monday night, as she uncovered her secret plot.

As Sharon laid Jenny out on the cobbles – in broad daylight – she cried: "'Avvv it!"

Later, with Jenny laid up in the hospital after her electrifying ordeal, Sharon continued to threaten her, holding the truth of her affair with Ronnie over her head and threatening to fill husband Johnny in on what had happened while he was in prison.

And during Tuesday's episode, Johnny announced to a devastated Jenny that he was moving out.

He's even set to put the Rovers up for sale, leaving another landlord or lady to take up the reins of the iconic venue.

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