Coronation Street's Mollie Gallagher struggled to switch off from emotional murder scenes

CORONATION Street’s Mollie Gallagher has revealed she struggled to switch off from her character Nina’s emotional murder scenes. 

Nina’s boyfriend Seb Franklin was kicked to death by Corey Brent and his gang of thugs in a harrowing hate crime attack reminiscent of the real world attack on Sophie Lancaster in 2007.

The 23-year-old has been nominated for a Serial Drama Performance award at the National Television Awards for her performance as Nina.

But speaking out about how her role has taken a huge emotional toll, and how she’s struggled to switch off from all of Nina’s trauma at the end of the day, the soap star revealed: “Obviously when the Nina and Seb storyline started we were all still in lockdown so nothing was open. 

“You couldn’t go to the pub and see your friends.  Luckily I live with my boyfriend so we would do little things together after work and at the weekend," she continued to The Sun's TV Mag.

“But because I wasn’t really doing anything apart from work I was literally being Nina more than I was being Mollie.”

Talking about which scenes she found the toughest, she went on: “The ones I found hardest in general were the ones where I had never had to be that emotional before. Some of those were in the hospital when Nina got out of the bed.

“It was after Seb had died and Abi has a go at her for not being able to remember what happened. So I was thinking about Nina being in all this physical pain and trying to keep very still. 

“Probably for me that was the trickiest, learning how to reach those different emotional points.”

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Talking about how emotionally draining it’s been to play Nina, she explained: “It’s hard because I am quite an emotional person in general. I feel things quite deeply. This story is so tragic so obviously you find that hard. 

“I want to get it right, to tell this story but it’s not about me. I’ve just tried to put as much effort in and work as hard as I could really. Hopefully it’s paid off.”

The Corrie star recently spoke out about how thrilled she is to be a guest at the National Television Awards alongside her Corrie co-stars after previously getting work as a seat filler at the ceremony when she was a drama student.

She revealed: “I was a massive Corrie fan and I was desperate to sit with the Corrie cast. But I was at the opposite side of the room.

“It was the year Lucy Fallon, who played Bethany Platt, won the Best Serial Performance award, and I got really emotional.

“When I got nominated this year I was laughing with my friends about how crazy it is that I’ve gone from being a seat filler watching Lucy to being nominated for the same award.”

Read the full interview in the TV Mag NTAs special, available exclusively with The Sun on Saturday.

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