Chance the Rapper in Talks to Join Anne Hathaway for Sesame Street Movie

Chance the Rapper may soon be joining the ranks of Big Bird and Elmo on Sesame Street.

The artist is in talks to join the cast of the new live-action Sesame Street movie adaptation, according to Collider. Anne Hathaway is set to star in the film, which currently has a January 2022 release date after filming was pushed back several times.

Both Hathaway and Chance the Rapper have guest-starred on the children’s show in the past and Chance, 26, previously made his film debut in 2018’s Slice.

Eighth Grade director Bo Burnham will contribute songs to Sesame Street, and Portlandia director and co-creator Jonathan Krisel will direct the Warner Bros. musical.

Krisel told The Hollywood Reporter that the film will draw inspiration from the Sesame Street theme song, with the program’s iconic muppet characters getting lost in New York City and finding their way back to Sesame Street with the help of Hathaway’s character, host Sally Hawthorne. Krisel said the adaptation is “going to be big.”

Sesame Street first premiered in 1969 and the educational show celebrated its 50th anniversary in December.

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In May 2019, Hathaway, 37, told USA Today she is “really looking forward” to be starring in the film. The actress added that her son, 3½-year-old Jonathan, will be “thrilled.”

Sesame Street is very big in our house right now,” Hathaway said. “But I love the show and really wouldn’t trust anyone that wasn’t a Sesame Street fan. It would be like, what’s wrong with you?”

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