Ben Shephard squirms as Tipping Point contestant slams ‘rude’ machine after loss

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Tipping Point is a game of luck, but one player on Tuesday's show saw his luck run out early into the competition.

After he was unexpectedly passed a counter, player John slammed the machine as "rude" when it yielded zero pounds from the drop.

Host Ben Shephard looked on awkwardly, as he commended rival player Al for successfully swindling fellow player John.

It all kicked off when entrepreneur John passed two counters to rival player Megan, who went on to win £500 against the odds.

So, when it became Al's turn to play, he decided to give John a taste of his own medicine and passed his counter over.

"John, would you like to have the honours?" Al asked, as John replied: "Well, thank you very much."

However, the counter failed to push any coins over the edge, meaning John was left with £0 in his kitty.

John looked seriously disappointed, as he fumed: "Aw no. That is rude."

Presenter Ben tried to ease any tension in the studio by praising Al's tactical move, saying: "That was a very nice pass by Al."

Despite the unlucky drop, John managed to make it through to the second round, while Al got sent home with just £50 in his prize pot.

Competing against players Michaela and Megan, John tried his best to earn enough dosh to face the semi-final but fell at the final hurdle.

After a tense playoff, Megan made it to the grand finale with £1800 to her name, hoping to win the whopping £10,000 jackpot coin.

When Ben asked Megan how she planned to spend her winnings, she revealed: "Me and my partner have just bought our first house together and there's a lot of stuff we've got to get.

"So it will probably go towards that."

While Megan didn't quite manage the jackpot, she was sent home with an impressive £3250 to her name – plenty of dosh for renovating her new home.

Tipping Point airs on weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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