Anita Manning children: Who are Bargain Hunt star Anita Mannings children?

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Anita Manning is an antiques expert from Scotland and she is a regular face on BBC One’s Bargain Hunt. The TV personality, 74, is from Glasgow and she is claimed to be the first female auctioneer in Scotland. has all you need to know about her family.

Does Anita Manning have children?

Bargain Hunt returns today (December 28) and it will see Anita Manning take the reins.

A festive edition will see the presenter at Newark Antiques fair, along with experts Caroline Hawley and Paul Laidlaw.

She meets well-known chef Rosemary Shrager to discuss festive food traditions from the past.

The presenter, who has also appeared on Flog It! and Antiques Road Trip, was taken to auctions by her father as a child.

She got into the antiques business in the 1970s but was headed for a different career path before this.

She studied dance and went on to become a teacher before getting married and having children.

The expert has two children, her daughter Lala and son Luke.

When she first became a mother, she developed knowledge of antiques by purchasing furniture from auctions.

She would then travel the country buying and selling furniture.

Anita and her daughter Lala run the Glasgow auction house Great Western Auctions together and have done so since 1989.

Her son lives in Hong Kong, and the star is used to her family settling all over the world.

Her own mother lived in Australia for the last 35 years of her life.

She has learnt a lot from her family over the years and went on to set a record for the largest profit on a single auction item.

On Antiques Road Trip in 2016, she bought a Buddha statue for £50, which sold for £3,800.

Her record was broken a year later by co-star Paul Laidlaw.

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Speaking about how she chose her career, she said: “Although I have always been interested in Antiques, and loved their sense of history, their beauty, craftsmanship and design, I did not start my working life aiming to be an auctioneer or be involved in the Antiques trade (in fact sometimes I still wonder what I’m going to be when I grow up).

“But fate put the opportunity in my path and being an adventurous sort of gal I changed direction and set up Great Western Auctions with my daughter Lala in Glasgow in 1989, becoming one of Scotland’s first woman auctioneers.

“I am so glad I did because I have the best job in the world and it has been a continual joy to handle wonderful objects on a daily basis and investigate their place in history.”

The expert has taken a particular interest in paintings, especially Scottish art.

The Great Western Auctions Ltd was established in Glasgow by Anita and her daughter Lala.

The first location was in the heart of the West End of Glasgow with a staff of three, including Anita and Lala.

The mother and daughter duo have since moved twice to accommodate the growing business.

They now have about 15 staff on board who are all dedicated specialists and auction administrators.

Bargain Hunt airs on weekdays on BBC One at 12.15pm

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