Amy Schumer Vies for Kim Kardashian's Love in SNL Bachelorette Spoof

Poor Kyle Mooney never stood a chance at becoming ”The Dream Guy“

“OK, this might be against the rules, but I’ve really connected with one of the producers on the show,” she says. “So, Amy S.”

Enter one excited Amy Schumer, who feels exactly the same. She accepts Rochelle’s token “with both of my holes,” a longing glance, and then she’s on her way.

Eventually, Kardashian’s bachelorette is down to her two final choices: Zeke or John Cena. She was hesitant about Cena considering, well, he has a wife (Shay Shariatzadeh). But, with the promise that he would figure that situation out, she presented him with her final token, leaving Zeke — who apparently had a “silly vibe” and sunny demeanor, but never asked an actual question about Rochelle and was scared to go swimming — absolutely blindsided.

Unfortunately, when you’re eliminated on “The Dream Guy,” you don’t just go home. Here, rejected contestants jump into a literal pit of fire.

You can watch the full “SNL” sketch in the video above.

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