Amanda Redman was told to take off her jeans because ‘they’d look better on the floor’ by seedy TV bosses – The Sun

AMANDA Redman has revealed she was the victim of unwanted sexual advances by TV bosses on a daily basis in the late Seventies.

The star of ITV drama, The Good Karma Hospital, recalled the most outrageous #MeToo moment she experienced when she tried to get a role in a BBC show.

Amanda, 62, claimed one of the production team tried to take advantage of her 40 years ago when she was a drama school graduate keen to make her big break.

Speaking in the new edition of Radio Times, she said: “This was an audition for the BBC. I walked in and the guy said: ‘Those purple velvet jeans look lovely on you, but I think they’d look better on the floor, would you take them off please?’”

“It happened every day. I didn’t take them off, obviously. I burst into tears and I ran. I remember exactly who it was, but I won’t be saying. That was the norm then. I was 22 as well – a baby, really.”

Amanda, who also starred in BBC1’s New Tricks, said she had to endure a string of humiliating auditions in a bid to get her Equity card and launch her acting career.

She has previously said that the harassment of women in theatre and TV was rife, with directors bullying and humiliate people who didn’t give in to their advances.

She is convinced resisting them had harmed her career.

Amanda plays doctor Lydia Fonseca opposite Neil Morrissey in The Good Karma Hospital which returns to ITV on Sunday at 8pm.

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