Woman’s genius hack for making egg sandwich – and she does it all in one pan

Food tricks and hacks are becoming increasingly more popular by the day.

However, sadly many of them are rather difficult to copy or simply don't turn out the way they thought you would when you try them for yourself at home.

But one woman is putting the weird and wonderful hacks to the test and sharing the ones that actually work with her followers.

San Diego-based content creator, Mrs Dee Penda, who makes food videos for YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok has recently gone viral after sharing a simple way to make an egg sandwich, by putting all the ingredients into one pan.

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In a video on TikTok, which has been liked more than 281,000 times, Dee demonstrated the hack.

She wrote: "Saw this one online, I gave it a try, it's not my best but it came out good!"

The clip sees her start by melting butter in a cast iron skillet on the hob (but you can use a frying pan), before pouring in two eggs that she'd whisked and seasoned in a bowl.

She covers the bottom of the pan with the egg mix and lets it cook for a moment, before adding a slice of bread and coating each side in the remaining uncooked egg.

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Dee then does the same thing with a second slice of bread, putting them down next to each other.

She then cooks the eggs, before folding them over the side of the bread with a spatula and then putting the two pieces of bread together to form a sandwich.

Finally the home cook allows the bread to brown a little more on each side, before serving the snack up to her hungry husband.

People were very impressed by her simple method, with one saying she "needed her own cooking show on TV".

A second replied: "Whoa that's a cool idea, looks super tasty!"

"That is fridginggg smart," said someone else.

"Wow smart, I never thought of doing that," added a third.

Others liked the video and suggested adding other fillings to the egg sandwich to make it even tastier, such as cheese, bacon, spinach or avocado.

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