Woman’s anger after being thrown out of steak restaurant for wearing joggers

A woman says she feels discriminated against after being asked to leave a steakhouse because of the way she was dressed.

Furious Hannabella Parker was wearing jogging bottoms and a crop top, and says she was left feeling embarrassed after being made to leave a Miller & Carter restaurant.

She was told she did not meet the chain's dress code, Somerset Live reports .

However Hannabella then drove to another Miller & Carter near Bristol and was served in the same outfit.

Ms Parker posted about her experience on Facebook, along with pictures of her outfit.

She said she was taken to one side and told she "wasn't dressed appropriately for their dress code policy" and asked to leave.

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She said: "I’ve been in there dressed up, dressed down, even more dressed down than today’s attire.

"[I'm] Feeling kind of discriminated due to other members of the public in the restaurant dressed similar or more causal than my self."

She described feeling embarrassed as other people in the restaurant stared at her.

She then went on to describe how she found a seat at another restaurant in the same chain a short while later and then returned to the restaurant in Weston-super-Mare to confront the manager.

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She wrote: "[Travelled] 20 minutes up the motorway to another Miller & Carter at Cribbs Causeway. To walk straight through the doors, table for 2, eaten our food nothing to be said about clothing in and out, enjoyed our food with a good/fast efficient service."

"Drove back to Weston, to show the manager my receipt to ask what her problem was that she felt the need discriminate me? She wasn’t interested in what I had to say as she stood in her ‘empty’ restaurant.

"Wonder why things close down and Weston doesn’t have the business anymore?

"Well here’s one of the proofs. Learn some good customer service and treat people with respect it’s really not difficult.

"Refusing to give your service on behalf of the restaurant because I wasn’t dressed how you call would smart casual. I didn’t realise I needed to get my suit out to come in for lunch on a Tuesday afternoon."

Her Facebook post on the Spotted Bath & Bristol page has divided opinion, though many people supported her and questioned the restaurant's policy.

In response one user wrote: "Joggers and I can see your belly, nothing about what you're wearing is smart and businesses have the right to refuse service to whom ever they wish.

"You should go to McDonalds next time as you're more appropriately dressed for there."

While another echoed Ms Parker's concerns by saying: "You're out enjoying a meal, really baffles me why they have a dress code when your paying them YOUR money.

"What if you were majorly ill and could only cope with going out in PJs I’ve known people do this!

"This world needs to be more realistic. You looked amazing x"

Another comment read: "In my opinion you’re not dressed smart casual, that’s very casual.

"Nevertheless I think Miller and Carter pitch themselves a little too high and I disagree with them not serving you."

In response to the Facebook post a Miller & Carter spokesperson said: “We do have a smart-casual dress code in place at our steakhouses and what adheres to the dress code is down to the discretion of the restaurant's manager.

"We're sorry for any upset this may have caused."

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