Woman with ‘world’s largest mouth’ wins Guinness World Record for 6.52cm gob

The woman who has the "world's biggest mouth" has just scooped a prestigious Guinness World Record title.

Samantha Ramsdell became a viral sensation for her large chops and she has a massive following of 1.7million on TikTok.

The 31-year-old, from Connecticut, US, earns a staggering £11,000 per viral clip she posts on the video-sharing app.

But now her success goes further than social media after she won a Guinness World Record for her huge mouth.

Her gob stretches at a massive 6.52cm after an official adjudicator recently measured her gape for the title.

She went to her local dentist's office where Dr Elke Cheung had the honours of calculating the length and width of her mouth.

The doctor used digital callipers then gave the measurements to adjudicator Spencer Cammarano who confirmed Samantha's record.

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From a young age, Samantha always knew she had a big mouth and her giant smile was visible in all her childhood snaps.

Growing up she was often bullied with trolls calling her "big bass mouth", among other comments.

But after time Samantha realised she could find the positives of having a large gob and now she's inspiring others on social media.

She often posts on her TikTok account where she shows viewers how big it stretches out when she eats.

Samantha has even recorded videos with Issac Johnson, who holds the male version of her title.

She said previously: "My mouth has set me apart from the other millions of comedians, singers and all these other creators.

"I never thought it would be possible to be this famous off my mouth, but it's incredible. It's really really cool."

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Previously she opened up about receiving odd requests on OnlyFans.

When appearing on ITV's This Morning, she told Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that she receives some bonkers requests.

Replying to the hosts, she said: "Yes – some more normal than others. I get a lot of requests for eating pizza or different foods."

One time someone begged her to keep her mouth open for 30 seconds at a time.

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