Woman takes DNA test for her birthday and discovers her boyfriend is her cousin

Over the last few years DNA tests have become a trendy gift to give to friends and family.

After all, finding distant relatives around the world and discovering some family history can be fascinating.

But, not everyone’s results are benign – and some have unearthed uncomfortable realities.

TikTok creator Matilda found out first hand that DNA tests can have disastrous results.

She explained how her boyfriend gave her an ancestry kit for her birthday last year.

Matilda said: "My ex got me one of those DNA kits – my mom is adopted and I never really knew my biological father. So I was mostly interested in the health info to see if there was anything to watch out for."

As she was taking the test, her boyfriend thought it would be fun to do one as well while they were on sale.

She continued: “So we got the results back a month later and I was looking through the list of genetic relatives because the only person that I know that I'm technically related to is my mom.

"And I scrolled down and turned to my boyfriend at the time and said, 'hey this is pretty nifty, I'm related to someone with the same name as you.'

“And that’s how I found out I was dating my cousin.”

Following up from the story, Matilda explained that she and the boyfriend had broken up.

It turned out that the DNA site thought the couple were third cousins – meaning they likely shared a set of great-great grandparents.

She also began researching her biological father’s family and found a genealogical report dating back to the 1500s.

Matilda added: "Based on that info from that research as well as the percentage of DNA that my ex and I shared (that was a little too high to be third cousins), I'm actually pretty sure we're second cousins related through my paternal great-grandmother."

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Fans began to share their life-changing test results too – with over half a million people watching the clip.

One person said: "My aunt and uncle didn't find out they were cousins until they had been married like 10 years."

"OMG I would die on the spot,” added another.

While a third commented: "Lol same girl – I dated a cousin and went to college with one for two years before knowing."

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