Woman is terrified by her sister's hilarious peanut allergy prank

Woman with a nut allergy SCREAMS in horror after her own sister told her she’d eaten peanuts – then used a face-warping filter to convince her she was having a reaction in cruel prank

  • Fatima, 22, and Anisa are influencer siblings who are based in the US and go by the online moniker the Iconic Sisters
  • The duo often film videos of themselves playing pranks on one another, and in a recent clip, Fatima is seen terrifying her sister with a filter joke 
  • In the video, the pair are seen sitting in their car, and Anisa – who has a peanut allergy – is casually eating a snack bar 
  • Her sister shrieks in horror and asks her why she is eating it, yelling that it has ‘peanuts in it’, prompting Anisa to yell out in fear 
  • Fatima then directs her sister to her phone, on which she had set up a filter that makes the face look swollen, leaving Anisa screaming in horror
  • The viral video has racked up more than 13.8 million views and 2.4 million likes  

A woman with a peanut allergy was left fearing for her life after her sister pranked her into thinking she’d eaten nuts, then used a funny phone filter to convince her that she was having a severe reaction. 

Fatima and Anisa, US-based influencer siblings who go by the online moniker the Iconic Sisters, shared a video of the hilarious prank on TikTok, where viewers have been left in hysterics by Anisa’s over-the-top reaction to the joke. 

In the clip, the girls are seen sitting in their car, with Anisa happily eating a protein bar. But mere seconds after she has taken a bite, Fatima yells in horror: ‘Oh my god, Anisa! Why are you eating that? It contains peanuts!’ 

Say what? A woman with a peanut allergy was left terrified after her sister used a face-warping filter to convince her that she was having a reaction to nuts 

‘Oh my god!’ Anisa, who is based in the US, shrieked with fear when she saw her swollen-looking face in her sister Fatima’s phone screen 

Got ya! Fatima, 22, posted a video of the prank on TikTok, where it quickly went viral, racking up more than 13.8 million views

Anisa screams in fear and jumps out of her seat, yelling at her sister: ‘What about it? You’re kidding! You said it was…’ 

At that point, her sister diverts Anisa’s attention to the phone screen – where she saw a filtered view of her face that made it look as though her cheeks and jawline had severely swollen. 

The sight makes Anisa scream once again, and actually drop the bar in her hand, while bouncing up and down in her chair, all while her mischievous sibling slyly smiles to the side of the camera. 

But while Anisa may have been less-than-impressed by the entertaining prank, the siblings’ fans online were tickled by the video – which racked up more than 13.8 million views, 2.4 million likes, and thousands of comments from amused viewers. 

‘The final scream sent me,’ one person commented, while adding several cry-laugh emoji.  

‘I’ve watched this so many times I lost count, it’s just too funny not to watch,’ another joked. 

‘I laughed way too hard,’ a third commented, while a fourth chimed in: ‘The entirety of this video has me weak, I can’t stop watching it.’ 

It is not the first time that Fatima has played a prank on her sister in order to earn viral fame on TikTok. 

In February, the influencer pulled a similar tactic, this time using a different filter that made her sibling look as though she had aged several decades and had sagging skin.   

Earlier this year, Fatima pranked Anisa by waking her up and telling her that Donald Trump had won the election – prompting her sister to begin packing up her suitcase.

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