Weetabix launches new Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate Melts cereal

Some Brits would be happy to eat cereal morning, afternoon and night.

In fact, the average Brit adult will eat half a ton of cereal and 1,267 litres of milk for breakfast during the course of their lifetime.

So, you could say we’re big fans…

And, now a brand new cereal is hitting shelves for us to enjoy whenever we fancy an easy meal.

The all new Weetabix Melts combine a crunchy wholegrain shell with an ever so smooth chocolate-filled centre for a breakfast experience like no other.

Weetabix’s new offering is filled with tasty chocolate in every bite – and it comes in two different flavours.

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You can pick up Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate Weetabix Melts depending on your preference.

The soft-centred crunchy bites are the perfect way to start your day and bring some excitement to your breakfast table.

The cereal is made with wholegrain, high in fibre and fortified with vitamins and iron.

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It also features no red traffic lights on the pack!

All greens and ambers for us!

The melt-in-the-middle chocolatey cereal is now available to buy now at Ocado and Sainsbury’s nationwide for £2.99 per 360g.

Shoppers will also be able to pick up both flavours from Tesco and Dunnes from mid-April, and Spar from June.

Previously, Weetabix came under fire for suggesting people pair cereal with baked beans.

And, Marks & Spencer's launched its new Cereal Milk Clusters which foodies are excited about.

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