Watch: Dog and sea lion become unlikely friends in viral TikTok clip

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During the cute video, a brown labrador is first seen swimming in the sea before spotting the sea mammal floating nearby. The scene then cuts to the two animals on the shore where they both appear fascinated and slightly frightened of each other.

Several times the dog is seen wagging its tail and attempting to get nearer to the sea lion, before running off.

As the clip ends, viewers then see the Labrador watching his new friend from the promenade before the sea lion flops down to rest.

Dog owner Lindsay Greenberg, who filmed the whole interaction in California, USA, uploaded the footage to her TikTok account.

In just over a month, the video has been viewed more than two million times.


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Lindsay said as the video started: “When your son invites his new friend over.”

The American, who runs her own lifestyle blog, explained how the moment played out.

She said: “We live on the beach there and I was out tanning with my dog laying next to me when the sea lion came up on shore!

“He [the sea lion] was definitely interested in my dog but my dog was keeping his distance at first because he was rightfully concerned about what this thing was.”

The Labrador owner went on to reveal that she had contacted a local wildlife rescue about the sea lion, and was told to wait until someone arrived.

She added: “We told them there were pets in the neighbourhood but one of my neighbours used to volunteer at the shelter, so they said to just supervise and watch for any threats.”


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It was at this point that Lindsay and her pooch left the beach and continued to watch the large mammal safely from above.

Despite the wildlife rescue getting the sea lion to return to the sea, Lindsay is convinced the same one now makes regular visits on dry land.

She said that since the interaction “almost every day there is a sea lion that swims right in front of our house and stops to poke its head up and look for my dog now. Sometimes doing flips or playing in the water for us!

“Obviously I can’t be positive it’s the same sea lion but it definitely seems to be!”

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